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  1. How to become a Pentester ?

    Hello, I was wondering how would one get into becoming a PenTest, what should one know exactly? I would like to be able to attack/hacking and defend. Would a college degree be necessary ? I am a first year college student kinda doubting if going to school for something I can teach myself is even worth it, money wise. Thanks for the feed back
  2. Coder for a new Program

    Hello im looking for someone who can create a specific type of bot. Please PM for details
  3. Wow man thanks for this. You really gave me a great deal of detail for learning. I want to be able to develop my own software down the line. My goal is pen testing,
  4. Spamming

    I cannot seem to get my Letters in the primary email folder yet, they only go into the spam folder. I was told that my letter has to be FUD ??? and it could also be my mailer. What are the best mailers out there for this ?? Also are there any people out there creating phishing pages ?
  5. Programming Language

    What is the best programming language to learn ? I read alot how python is probably the best language to learn
  6. Spamming Fullz

    no problem thanks
  7. Spamming Fullz

    would you mind helping me ? looking for some guidance
  8. Spamming Fullz

    I've set up a phishing site to capture fullz but my letter html does not go to the primary mail box it only goes straight into spam. What is my problem im in dire need of fixing this issue and if anyone is also selling pages / letters inbox me Thanks, Ps, I was told it could be that my letter was not encrypted but how is encrypting a html letter possible it'll only turn it into java I need it to stay html also was told that it could be my smtp.