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  1. please show a screenshot that you are allowed to resell this software.
  2. Hello to all, I sell a lot Credit/Debit cards dumped from gambling site. All cards is visa and mastercard. Price: 10-15 $ per card I provide all info: CC number, type of card (credit/debit), CVV code, EXP date, Country, Bank name. If you bought bulk (100+) I will make you a promotion. For contacts PM to me or XMPP: sexycatgirls@exploit.im
  3. Initiative Q

    here is another invite if anyone needs it: https://initiativeq.com/invite/BUzT3Jyw7
  4. is frameworks required? i prefer to handwrite everything sanitize everything i dont tend to use frameworks unless its really required
  5. do you have root? what software do you use? plesk/cpanel/none what is webserver? nginx/apache/lighthttpd/something else
  6. Скрипт обновления

    you can use flash,java, javascript, canvas depending on intentions you could even use silverlight(i hate it)
  7. Генерация sql на основе xsd

    can you give example code of what your trying to do? we might be able to help you more with some code samples
  8. Обход Smartscreen

    you can use for example a .vbs,.js or .jar dropper, these do not have smartscreen. good luck.
  9. check line 85 of smtp_cracker.py, has base64 there : c210cHNAZXZlcnlsb2dzLmNvbQ== what returns to this mail: smtps@everylogs.com it sends all valid smtps to this address.
  10. botnet sources

    my friend sent me this the other day i thought i would share with everyone, some of the sources are crap but some of them are ok to learn from to make better malware there is multiple malwares in different languages from delphi,c,c++,asm .net enjoy botnet source download: https://github.com/maestron/botnets