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  1. example proyect kill process C++

    Hello everyone again, I apologize for the shit I brought to the section. It was not my intention to make anyone feel annoyed by the subject, only my intention was to share a simple work that you can use yourself to adapt new things. I have just been sharing something with the rest of the users without humiliating or insulting anyone. I'll take up again and apologize for misunderstanding. I do it public for the rest of user my apologies. Greetings to all and that we continue with better day. Forgive for my English.
  2. example proyect kill process C++

    Without comments, you share something for the rest of the people and members of the forums and this is how you put yourself. Thanks for laughing at the people without sense and without mentality, you can see your maturity as people.
  3. example proyect kill process C++

    Fixed. It was crapp using c std when it can be done with pure C and the api And yeah it can't kill any AVs without elevation and selection of the proper kernel mode process. Regards
  4. example proyect kill process C++

    Hi Thought I'd share a basic example of killproccess for Win32 #include #include BOOL KillProcess(DWORD dwProcessId, UINT uExitCode) { DWORD dwDesiredAccess = PROCESS_TERMINATE; BOOL bInheritHandle = FALSE; HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(dwDesiredAccess, bInheritHandle, dwProcessId); if (hProcess == NULL)return FALSE; BOOL result = TerminateProcess(hProcess, uExitCode); CloseHandle(hProcess); return result; } //ProcList: scans all active processes and kills the hardcoded one BOOL ProcList() { HANDLE hProcessSnap; HANDLE hProcess; PROCESSENTRY32 pe32; DWORD dwPriorityClass; // Take a snapshot of all processes in the system. hProcessSnap = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0); if (hProcessSnap == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) { return(FALSE); } // Set the size of the structure before using it. pe32.dwSize = sizeof(PROCESSENTRY32); // Retrieve information about the first process, // and exit if unsuccessful if (!Process32First(hProcessSnap, &pe32)) { CloseHandle(hProcessSnap); // clean the snapshot object return(FALSE); } // Now walk the snapshot of processes do { string str(pe32.szExeFile); if(strcmp(pe32.szExeFile, "processname")) { KillProcess(pe32.th32ProcessID, 1); } } while (Process32Next(hProcessSnap, &pe32)); CloseHandle(hProcessSnap); return(TRUE); } int main() { ProcList(); return 0; } TODO: Modify the function to accept input instead of a hardcoded process name, check for permissions, scalate or add a SeDebugPrivilege snippet before killing a process.
  5. Spam question

    Very good information i'd like to know more about how I can do this. hi thanks for appreciating my comment, if I can explain something more about this in private, contact me at PM or Jabber.
  6. Spam question

    It's more friend I'll give you more ideas if you want to do something :) :) :) :) You contract a domain to register mx and hire vps that is not a very suspicious country IP ie use a VPS UK, USA, for example. You install in the vps smtp service to make use for a few days normal emails to several mail platforms to gain confidence. Once you estimate that you have been able to gain confidence with the rest of the registered mx domains, you proceed to the preparation of the smtp script with sendmail or mailx in the contracted vps. You send emails between 10-15 seconds each, even if you can upload more time so they do not report you by fast spam. It is cleaned in the smtp script, that is, put all the data from, suject, attach file. but being a retailer in Subject or Mailbody texts. But the alarms will jump fast too :). Well, I have not tried this but it has come to mind as ideas that you can use. If any user wants to provide more help or correct me in something open later this is to help the user of the forum. regards Thank you.
  7. Spam question

    Hello friend, the most common is to use some smtp script for mass mailings every second so that they do not report spam. It is usually done like this, manual spam is like a direct objective work mode. But come on, we usually use some smtp script like I said. With linux it is very easy to create smtp scritp with document attachments included with sendmail or mailx. regards