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  1. Buy GEO PayPal accounts with hVNC. How it works: We agree on price and accs, You pay (escrow accepted), Join RDP on RDP there will be hVNC server and You will receive Connection window and You can use hVNC on GEO bot with PayPal credentials. What You do with them is not My interest. You pay for hVNC access + details, replace if one of those 2 those don't work, No refunds. Time = 10 bots = 20 minutes, 50 bots = 4h and 15 Minutes. Price: 50$ /Acc + hVNC Access. Minimum: 10 For 15'000$+ orders I will include PayPal nochargeback cashout method, which takes 40~ days but it has 100% chargeback protection and setup is easy. It had been tested for a year, cashouted successfully 30-40k every month from each setup account. Ask me questions here or write me in private.
  2. Привет, я хочу купить снаряды (хороший регион, не внесенный в черный список для спама, mail ()) по обычной цене. (Хорошие страны = Ca, Fr, Uk, De, Ir, Ch и т. Д.). благодаря Hi, I want to buy shells (good region not blacklisted for spam, mail() ) for normal price. (Good countries = Ca, Fr, Uk, De, Ir,Ch etc). Thanks
  3. Looking forward for a trial if still available.
  4. i see around people selling ev for 300$, this dude making it cost 1300$ like he wrote the privilege shit at microsoft and it's some priv8 stuff... also cocky when asked the difference between the 300$ one available on clearnet and his one.. btw, i did not try his service, just retardedly expensive without a reason..
  5. Поиск частного криптера

    Этот парень делает шифрование, поэтому я спросил, есть ли какие-либо эксплойты или хороший способ обойти, как virustotal scans, на случай, если мой exe будет выбран исследователями и тому подобное, после этого он сказал, что он не будет склеить мой файл и что он будет продолжать мой exe, после этого он просмотрел его на virustotal и попробовал некоторые грубые атаки на панели, Я оскорбил его, назвав его «заторможенным» один раз, потому что он не может прочитать ответ на меня, сказав, что я сказал, что буду сканировать его на virustotal, когда журналы ясны: ---- This guy does crypting, so I asked if there are any exploits or good way to bypass av's like virustotal scans in case my exe gets picked by researchers and such, he said after that that he would not crypt my file, and that he would keep my exe, afterwards he scanned it on virustotal and tried some bruteforce attacks on the panel, I insulted him calling him "retarded" once, because he isn't able to read replying to me saying that I said I would scan it on virustotal when the logs are clear: (20:48:25) him/Psi : crypting (20:49:00) me/: is it possible to bypass virustotal scans? (20:49:35) him/Psi : lol.. we do not use virustotal. Do you usually check on virustotal ?? (20:51:30) him/Psi : sorry bro... we can not help you with crypt (20:51:40) me/: no (20:51:43) me/: i don't use virustotal (20:51:55) me/: im a programmer and I want to try and figure out a way to bypass them also (20:52:01) me/: it has nothing to do with this crypt (20:52:03) me/: i was just asking. (21:11:54) him/Psi : i wrote above that our team can not help you with crypt (21:59:06) me: i will report you to the admin for this to monitor you (21:59:19) me/: [i asked a question not involved with the task, but now You have my exe (21:59:57) him/Psi : i will report him that you are suspected to spread files to virustotal (22:00:09) me/: are you retarded? (22:00:43) me/: i asked if it's possible to bypass virustotal scans (22:00:50) me/: not if it will, i had no intent to scan it on (22:01:01) me/: what's the point of paying something and getting it unfud? Judge Yourself, possible fda or just skid trying to bruteforce panel by checking requests.
  6. Поиск частного криптера

    Привет, я ищу частный криптер, который позволяет My exe быть FUD по крайней мере неделю.
  7. i can do this, but profit min 30k$ daily i already work with google, bing, facebook. 3-5k$ * campaign budget spent every day, 1 campaign can run 1-2 weeks. but I can only advertise not banned keywords.
  8. Im looking for targeted GEO, serious price 0.45$ loads only. must not come from exploit kit, have logs, not resold, only loads no installs. write to me pm for jabir only escrow atleast for start, NO 24H+ DELIVERY..............
  9. I know how to bypass google recaptcha with bot code, anyone know if this is worth? if not i will release it for free here to share knowledge. if someone wants to pay for the info we can use escrow
  10. Привет всем, у меня есть проблема: Получил 5k ботов (на данный момент) на Neutrino, оффшорные vps, а не icann domain и т. Д. + TinyNuke. Основная проблема: Webinject не работает для хрома (Neutrino ...................... Снова друг ??????) Отфильтрованные входы для захватчиков, ничего действительно полезного. Проверено на wallets.dat, некоторые использовали некоторые, но не все пустые. Большинство логинов из facebook. Получил много TRACK 2, но как 40% - firefox или другие программы, и нейтрино не обнаруживает, что это не трек 2 ... получил несколько банковских логинов, но не похоже, что есть что-то делать. Вариант Ransomware = shit mining = shit option что-то серьезное, а не skid ez trick life options, Thanks ---eng--- Hello to everybody, I have an issue: Got 5k bots(for now) on Neutrino, offshore vps, not icann domain etc + TinyNuke. Main issue: Webinject not working for chrome (Neutrino......................Again friend??????) Filtered grabber logins, nothing really usefull. Checked for wallets.dat, some used some not but all empty. Most logins from facebook. Got alot of TRACK 2 but like 40% is firefox or other programs and neutrino doesn't detect it's not track 2... got some bank logins, but doesn't seem like there is something to do.. Ransomware = shit option mining = shit option something serious, not skid ez trick life options, Thanks +++++++++ suggestion for grabber whitelist worth website's data information?