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  1. He use the word "SIR". It's used by Indians. British made fingerprinting him easier for me. Even tho he is Indian, his religion is Islam. I'm not racist. Just can't watch what he doing on the forum.
  2. Извиняюсь от имени всего английского сообщества. Этот идиот не из моей страны, он даже не уроженец. Он индиец
  3. @admin RootHox is unprofessional. He accuse other people being secondary accounts with zero evidence. He is a insult to whole English community. I know that he is a Indian, probably 25 years old. As you see, he sell botnets in his YouTube channel of course with no escrow. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlLTBCdrlKBZEr6HCCJSew/ Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/edagelus If you check his topic history, He post most stupid topics like SS7, Trickbot, iCloud. His posting and topic pattern matches typical Indian. He don't even know how to write a ASM code, but he think that he rule this forum. He have no skills. For an example, see what he did to Anbuis. Found source code some-where then sold here of course without advertising fees which is violation of forum rules. Now the buyers who bought this source code in hook, as the source code leaked on other board. He is a scammer that accuse other people being scammer. I ask any buyer who bought Anubis source code to come forward and open black against Roothox, you will win.
  4. Russians don't sell 0 days cause they use it for their own gain. You should know language is never problem for anyone. Typical exploit transaction does not involve an escrow. It involve milestones and a releasing process. I'm sure Indians don't have much money to buy them xaxaxaxxaxa.
  5. You need a front company in Security/Spy Industry to purchase them. That's all I know. In forum, highly unlikely someone sell them when they can use it :)
  6. Tor network is safe but the modules of it is not. If you are a government, there are vendors (Jewish) who sells 0 days for Tor browser (Firefox based) for millions, and you can run own TOR nodes (Say million) and capture meta data of users.
  7. Tor core issue is Firefox browser and it's nodes which make it vulnerable to passive attacks.
  8. It's not how it works, you need to have a deposit of large sum like 50k-100k on forum. Even it's, highly unlikely someone sell them on the forum for random strangers 😄
  9. Написать в личное сообщение.
  10. You don't need CVV even for authorization, for an example Amazon. You can test your-self with Stripe merchant account to see.
  11. You can still pay via Card Number and Expiration date. Actually only need card number to make an authorization, but this method is only possible with direct acquirer. Banks are into User-experience so dynamic CVV will not adopted by all banks who care about user-experience at least Americans do. It will last 1-2 years then kill it-self due to complaints. Same happened to 3D secure in USA.
  12. $ 300 - $ 5000 in your dreams ahahahaha. They are not rented out, everything is sold on annual contracts that amount to millions. I know this because I worked on one of them a little bit earlier. They are sold to the government. It's highly unlikely that a reasonable person would sell this for $ 5,000 rent. You have to take into account the logical factor.
  13. You would likely need 5-10 million to buy this. No idea why people post Empty topics when there are clear reason that it's highly likely unaffordable perhaps useless (for some carriers) 😉