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  1. 0day forum (tor)

    As far as I know, forum's dead and not worth anymore.
  2. rat+hvnc

    There is a crack of warzone going around on other forums, it may work.
  3. Фильтр Post Grabber

    Search for pattern "card", "number", "cvv", "verification", and "security" Some forms will be in json as 1 post value
  4. Крипт hibryd exe\dll

    https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/winnt/ns-winnt-_image_file_header check for IMAGE_FILE_DLL and if present, call the dll entrypoint
  5. Hidden tear contains vulnerabilities, do not use. Try https://github.com/mauri870/ransomware instead.
  6. Актуальность AZORult

    https://anonfile.com/45z5f8yan1/azorult3.3_zip Panel and builder to 3.3 pass: dedik.cc change variables in index.php and import dump using phpmyadmin or mysql commandline in the info folder of panel