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    Dear FB ads / Google ads experts, I am looking for an expert in Google ads (FB ads also very welcome). The website that will be advertised is a normal whitehat site, no phishing. We will work on %, succesrate is high but need some patience. You will spend max 15-20 min on it each day. PM me your jabber/telegram if you are experienced in fb/google ads! details will be discussed in private chats.
  2. Need someone who can put my site in adwords, you will get % of profit. Countries: worldwide (except africa)
  3. Need Google Adwords for fake Blockchain site

    I have fake blockchain website, i need traffic with Adwords or cloacking. Pm me your jabber/icq/telegram. We can work on % or fixed price.
  4. I can make any phishingsites

    I make phishing sites, frontend and backend. If you have a job request, send me your requirements and original website URL, so I can take a look. Coding language: HTML, CSS, PHP, JS. Payment: upfront in BTC. Working time: depends on complexity of your job, but on avarage 3-4 days including any corrections and extra small stuff. Send me a PM with requirements and URL of website.
  5. AutoITscript

    This information was everything that I see in the error..
  6. AutoITscript

    I need help, i have website with .au3 files and php on my rdp. Website is working fine, but when .au3 are executed, i get error: ================ Line 394 (file......): $user.setAttribute(“ng-model-options”,”{updateOn: ‘change’}”) $user^ERROR Error: variable must be of type “object”. ================ I need this error fixed, i can pay. Please PM me.
  7. Install blockchain fake

    Looking for someone who can explain and show how to install blockchain fake page on RDP. I understand it in general, but i have problem with SRV DNS record. Pm me, i can pay for your help.
  8. Install fake blockchain on RDP

    For the ones that are familiar with this Blockchain fake page (with AutoIT bots): I need to install my fake page on my rdp and configure it and use SRV records to link with my domain. If you can help me i will pay you.
  9. Find emailprovider smtp website

    I have many email:password of people with Bitcoin wallet, but sometimes I can’t find the email website from emailprovider to login with this email:password. I need someone who can find this website and I will send you the email:password and split the earning. Also, many people have gmail/hotmail/outlook. You can’t access it easily, so need someone who has some trick and can access this and i will give him the email:password. This work is daily, so it’s important that are online and reachable whole day.
  10. I need email+passwprd from companies and corps from Netherlands, i need good quality. I wi buy test first and if its good quality I will buy many more! I need like this: - email - password - url for email login
  11. Need Alibaba.com account (gold)

    I’m looking for alibaba.com accounts, GOLD version, and with email access. If you have alibaba.com accounts (gold) with email access, please PM me and we will discuss
  12. Need "AIO Checker"

    Hi, I need an AIO Checker to see if email/pass is valid. I prefer english, but russian also fine. I have already tried to contact aio-support@xmpp.jp but he doesnt respond. Please pm me if you sell it. And tell me also which language.
  13. Looking for BELGIUM email list

    Looking for belgium 100k emails without gmail/hotmail, pm me please
  14. Need Cutlet maker ATM-malware

    hi, im looking for somebody that sells Cutlet maker. Im willing to buy if I get proof. Scammers stay away! I will ask for proof and check your rep. Send me a pm with your jabber.