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  1. i have used bitcoin fog many times. it's a .onion service, you should be able to find the url quickly.
  2. Most service providers allow IDN domains. try godaddy?
  3. i dont think that service providers are doing similarity check on already registered domain names.
  4. apk+apk ?

    Basically you need to create a new manifest file where you configure the install actions. example script can be found here: https://github.com/remijouannet/trojandroid_mixapk
  5. also this one is working currently: https://github.com/unamer/CVE-2018-8120
  6. you can try MS17-010 exploits in order to gain system on remote machine. A lot of the machines have been patched but worth a try.
  7. help to find login page.

    i would indeed do a mx lookup in order to find the servers responsible for mail delivery. then would go forward with scanning these servers to find the webmail interface. Some service providers use centralized webmail servers.
  8. Is there a list of all bot ip-addresses available somewhere?