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  1. Need spamhaus ignore server with 100+ ips. Used many providers but all end up being shut down
  2. Orders daily. Mail function must be enabled Escrow only for first few deals, If you do not accept escrow please do not message me. price: 0.3-1$ each jabber: brancher@exploit.im
  3. Budget up to 3$, only need with mail enabled. send pm first.
  4. buy- WSO SHELLS

    price: 0.5-2$ brancher@exploit.im
  5. Looking to buy. Budget over 1k brancher@exploit.im
  6. anyone can share their results with this? How did it work when spamming?
  7. Please pm with what you can offer. No budget. Need something that works good. bypasses AMSI
  8. Took this last week for 1 week, from my tests with traffic exchange, was 6% max, my exe is 600kb and only 2 loaded to my bot. I asked author and then he says ideally it should be under 500kb, I think this is something that should be explained before, because i would not have taken this.
  9. подскажите чекер ав апк

    dyncheck, static av check
  10. price: up to 6$ per 1k or give offers Buy test first of 5k. If all ok will buy 50k + a day IE ONLY - USA/CA NO POPUNDER/ADULT/etc Escrow is must if you do not accept please do not waste my time or yours jabber: brancher@exploit.im
  11. CA LOADS

    Will pay up to 2$ each CA load. brancher@exploit.im escrow only
  12. Looking for someone with private bot I will load corp USA/CA/UK I will only load if i get to use the BOT For CA. Rest is yours and we agree on %. Wasted to much time with people trying to fuck me after i load. brancher@exploit.im I do not sell anything. % only.
  13. I can do 100-200 spam loads daily. Have very good Corp loads. Do not ask me to load AZOR or any shit styler. I need full access, I will do Canada and you will do USA jabber: brancher@exploit.im ONLY LOOKING FOR OWNER OF BOTS!!! DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF ITS NOT YOUR BOT.
  14. Will pay 15% of profits Need bot with the norm, HVNC, etc. Good load rate. All my installs are from spam and business USA and CA jabber:= brancher @ exploit.im