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    Haha, you're funny. I've enough experience with Canadian banks/insurance companies. Just an example, here you provide screenshot of your "very high quality" Desjardins page: and here you can see an actual page: https://accweb.mouv.desjardins.ca/identifiantunique/identification It looks very much different than the one you selling, yours has outdated design, logo and few other details. It makes phishing page low quality. Here's what I have, tho its not for sale. https://prnt.sc/n1m3jy https://prnt.sc/n1m3ds https://prnt.sc/n1m30t I told you nothing about information on users etc. I just said page is low quality which means low conversion rate, which equals to waste of money. So, please don't bring shit into this forum, I'm not the one who needs help here, but you, post your BTC address I can drop you some for grocery and food. p.p.s not sure how much you selling your pages, but they def. worth nothing.

    Just checked screenshots, very low quality. Most bank pages look different now already, crap thats coded back in 2016. Your page and domain will get instant red flagged.
  3. Thats LogMeIn Central dashboard. :) You can make a lot of money from it. Good luck :rolleyes: - P.S I recommend you to remove screenshot from public ;)
  4. Lets bump this thread! Service is up and running, we've few ongoing projects currently, so we are open to small tasks! Have a nice weekend! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Поднимем наш топик! Сервис все еще работает и наши предложения актуальны,в данный момент берем только мелкие заказы на скрипты и прочее! Всем удачных выходных!
  5. [intro] Good day! We're glad to offer you a whole spectrum of coding services. We are a team of 2 highly experienced and friendly progammers and we're here to bring your (almost) any ideas to life. We can develop applications for MacOS/Windows/Linux using C/C++/GO/JAVA/PYTHON/qT languages. Need fancy web application? Sure! We can develop web applications of any size and complexity with (back-end) PHP/ZEND/Python/.NET and (front-end) REACT/HTML/BOOTSTRAP/JS. We're open for projects of any size, previous coder didn't make it and left you alone in darkness? No worries, we can take partially finished projects aswell (after brief review). [our abilities] We can program pretty much anything. On time. HQ code. Affordable. Source code included. Unlimited revisions for 3 days. Including but not limited to: Spoiler -Stealers. -Botnets. -RATs. -Automators. -Spammers. -Bruteforcers. -Parsers. -Scrapers. -JS sniffers. -Checkers. -Visual Basic Scripts. -Word/Excel macros. -Clippers. -Shops. -HQ Phishing pages (true login). -Custom information grabbers. -API clients. and many more! All these tools with comes with; CLI (command line interface, python) GUI (graphical user interface, qT) WebUI (web application, PHP/Bootstrap) .. of your choice. If you have real interesting idea but low on budget we can still discuss. We all here to make money, right? We're open to partnerships but only if you can convince us that your idea is going to work out. [pricing] Our rates are affordable. Starts from just 100$ We accept payments in:BTC/BCH/ETH/XMR/PM/WMZ[terms] We are always up to deal over forum/external (trusted) escrow.We require 100% payment upfront or as said deposit to escrow. For us, private means - private. We never resell your code to anyone else without your permission. We don't provide refunds if we've delivered project that meets all requirements that are confirmed by you before starting project.We do not use: Discord/ICQ. You can reach us only via contacts listed below and forum PM.[delivery] We promise to deliver on time! We'll do our best to meet and overcome your expectations! - Depending on project, we provide you either with: Video recording of your applications demonstration or TeamViewer session. After you're satisfied with evidence you release funds from escrow - same time we encrypt,upload and deliver your product + its source code. We do support projects for the 1st month for free. [contacts] JABBER: btcisme@jwchat.org R.JABBER: btcisme@thesecure.biz R.JABBER: btcisme@exploit.im TELEGRAM: https://t.me/btcisme (direct link, beware of imposters, no bots, channels etc).Looking forward to chat with you! Have a nice day!
  6. Several Little Vietnamese Bears right? anyway, no complains, wish you luck.
  7. Admin

    Hey! Why do you moan here bro? Every man is good at something, this guy is good at spam. He's making money for his bread
  8. Secure in terms of what? btw FF Send has been online for over a year now.@gorets Privnote.com is not open source, so your questions about "holes" is irrelevant, can be anything on other side.
  9. URL Cloaking System

    Obviously not, look at the domain in screenshot
  10. Powershell empire

    On May 2017 (last time when I've been playing with it) Powershell Empire was already useless with Windows Defender. (KIS would even catch its in-memory payloads). You gotta need to completely obfuscate its body and payloads. To get general idea on encrypting Empire, have a look at: Use your own patterns and obfuscation techniques to bypass AVs.