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  1. Hello friend, contact me, in my signature you have the contact forms.
  2. I know that bank contacts by private.
  3. Hello, contact me There is no problem in using guarantor.
  4. UDJAT BOTNET CONTROL After a while in development, the h21 team have taken another course with this product that we bring to the user's disposal. It was thought for a moment to update the previous product H21 HiddenVNC 1.1 for the demanded support of the Chrome browser version 7x. But the direction we have taken has been the development of a work different from what was known in the previous product. UDJAT: It is a botnet with control over the bots and a series of options / functions with which you can have total control of the machine in Hidden mode. With the support capacity in all the OS: WinXP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN8.1, WIN10, WINSRV20xx We can name the functions that we have available in this product: FEATURES/OPTIONS: Ø -- Download & Exec (Function with which we can execute any bin.exe in the controller bots by the UDJAT panel)Ø -- Run Hidden Session Ver 2.0 NEW (Hidden Session Remote function with support for multiple browsers) Featured support in Chrome browser version 7x Available in the multiple data session as: Cookies, Password Save Hidden Browser, Profile Datas, Config, File Document, Desktop File, total control of File Explorer, Control of CMD / POWERSHELL, etc ...)Ø -- Update Bot (Bot update function, new crypt binary.exe example)Ø -- Run HVNC Session V1.1 (We wanted to keep the previous product version in this panel as an added function, to have a hidden multiple connection to the bots.) NOTE: this version of function HVNC V1.1 does not support Chrome browsers ver 7x, to be able to work with bots and browsers Chrome Ver. 7x, for that we have developed version 2.0 of Hidden Session. )Ø -- Kill HVNC Session V1.1 (We maintain the exencia of killing the process hidden Session V1.1 as in the previous version.)Ø -- Delete Bot (Function deleted from bot by selection.) These are the main functions that have been developed and tested in the laboratory with real bots and vm machines. We continue with a little description and samples of the web control panel that is developed for UDJAT. PANEL SHOW / OPTIONS The web panel consists of the following options:Ø -- LOGIN ACCESS: https://imgur.com/FJx9RwbØ -- STATUS: https://imgur.com/hULb170Ø -- FILTER: https://imgur.com/vH2BUFvØ -- FILTER-COMMAND SELECT: https://imgur.com/qLyZzIjØ -- TASK MANAGER: https://imgur.com/bTFf5KUØ -- TASK MANAGER COMMAND SELECT: https://imgur.com/tjCXPhmØ -- UPLOAD FILE: https://imgur.com/61DAe8fØ -- HVNC 1.1: https://imgur.com/cdcve3hØ -- GEOIP: https://imgur.com/wXPVxqIØ -- SETTINGS: https://imgur.com/qRQMNeg DOWNLOAD VIDEO DEMO TOUR PANEL C&C UDJAT: https://www.sendspace.com/file/0pl0le SHOW DEMO HIDDEN SESSION V1.1 & V2.0 We have tried to fix many bug of the previous version in this new product. Here we highlight the difference with video sample on the previous H21 HiddenVNC version 1.1. As we mentioned earlier in the descriptions, we wanted to keep the previous version in the control panel in order to offer the end user an experience and shows the differences between the previous product and the new one. Here we show a video of use of version 1.1 Hidden VNCHIDDEN SESSION V1.1 VIDEO DEMO (OLD VERSION FUNCTIONABILITY):https://www.sendspace.com/file/lo0pew Clearly here we leave the sample of the operation of the new version Hidden Session V2.0 where we can appreciate the support highlighted to the browser Chrome Ver. 7X.DOWNLOAD HIDDEN SESSION V2.0 WIN7 DEMO VIDEO:https://www.sendspace.com/file/h5dykj DOWNLOAD HIDDEN SESSION V2.0 WIN10 DEMO VIDEOhttps://www.sendspace.com/file/r1y70b BINARY Let's talk about the binary for infection and connectivity. The weight of the binary is 563Kb with point-to-point encrypted communication between PANEL C&C and BOT. The result in a dyncheck analysis on the final binary is the following:DYNCHECK IMAGE: https://imgur.com/jVn2gjr Result Dyncheck:File name: udjat.exe (576000 KB)Detection Rate: 3/23MD5 Hash: e45e5b50a7b8e8....52b0a559e8c75fSHA256 Hash: 1a457dbe34cb060d2f7b124dd81a22....8cf1ce78a4e374d99aa44839993ab1 360 Total Security Essential: -AVG Internet Security: -AhnLab V3 Light: DetectedAvast Internet Security: -Avira Internet Security: -BitDefender Total Security: -BullGuard Internet Security: -Comodo Internet Security: DetectedDrWeb Total Security: -Emsisoft Anti-Malware: DetectedEset Smart Security: -F-Secure Internet Security: -Fortinet Smart Security: -Kaspersky Internet Security: -Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: -McAfee Internet Security: -Norton Internet Security: -Panda Global Protection: -Sophos Anti-Virus: -Symantec Endpoint Security 14: -Trend Micro Internet Security: -Webroot SecureAnywhere: -Windows Defender: - SUBCRIPTIONS AVAILABLE This is the list of available subscriptions:SUBCRIPTION Nº 1 = Rent 1 month Price: 1500$/BTC SUBCRIPTION Nº 2 = Rent 2 month´s Price: 2700$/BTC SUBCRIPTION Nº 3 = Rent 3 month´s Price: 3800$/BTC No sales lifetime and Source Code These subscriptions here detailed are the general ones of the product.On occasion there may be a temporary offer. Be aware of the thread and my reply'sNote Subcriptions:The conditions of services are still maintained the following with possible updates at any time. POLICY AND TOS SERVICE Prohibitions:Ø -- It is not allowed to share with other users of any type of subcriptionØ -- The resale of leases or subscriptions is not allowed.Ø -- The use of Cracking and Reversing is not allowedØ -- Resale of license rental or transfer to another user is not allowed.Ø -- Claims are not allowed outside the time in force of the contracted period. All claims must be made within the time of subcription, once the subcription ends any claim is closed because they are late.Ø -- The misuse of the contracting systems or in case of spam house entry, the service is totally suspended due to misuse of the end user.Ø -- The use and resale of UDJAT connection to third parties is not allowed.Ø -- Any message or reply from a user, bothering, shouting shits that have nothing to do with the product, automatically reports to this user and requests a ban in Arbitration section Note Prohibitions: Any breach of these prohibitions will automatically suspend the services. Available:Ø -- All transactions and payments were made in the BTC currency.Ø -- All transactions are allowed to be made with Guarantor of this authorized forum ad0. The cost of the guarantee service is assumed by the final customer.Ø -- All services have a basic product support included in the service. If you want advanced support, it will be offered separately.Ø -- All rental subscription are not shared with anyone, they are exclusive and dedicated for each client. Note Policy & TOS: Final ToS Service: These conditions can be changed or manipulated at any time, leaving them updated in case of modification. FAQ QUESTIONS: Ø -- What version of windows does it support?All versions of OS Windows, WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 & WinSrv20xxØ -- Does the Chrome Version 73 or 74 browser support?Yes, it is supported and demo videos have been left in the thread about the Hidden Session version V2.0Ø -- What cryter I can use with this tool?Any crypter that supports the native languagesØ -- What is the AV detection rate?A sample of the analysis made to the binary has been left in the thread, you can find it above in DYNCHECK IMAGEØ -- Do you sell Lifetime License subscriptions and Source code?NO, it is not sold lifetime and source codeØ -- Can you make any changes to the product, change logos, etc ...?Modifications of any style are not accepted in the product, the exposed and published version is the one supported and tested.Ø -- I can use this to get a password?This is not designed to get a password, the passwords are hosted in the profiles of the bots in the Hidden control, in order to extract to an external system you have to use another tool for it.Ø -- Could the same product be shared with another friend?Completely NO, this is prohibited and is reason for suspension of service by share. Nota FAQ: Any absurd question and that is related to some of the questions detailed in the faq, will be totally ignored messages. CONTACT FORMFor more information or questions here I leave the contact formsJID: h21@exploit.imTelegram: @h21ml
  5. Hello friend, I think what you are looking for can be found here: https://dedik.cc/forum/86/ This is not the correct section. Good luck
  6. Hi, contact me, I have my own tools developed
  7. How to build a server?

    apache2 or nginx. Php5 or PHP7, this is tools need run web server in php
  8. How to build a server?

    First of all you will have to know in which protocol it sends you the information, if http or FTP. From that base you can start installing the tools you need in server.
  9. I need advice on Net Function.

    Hi all. I need some advice on a function on vb.net. I'm stuck and my head is going to burst. XD!!! A little advice will come in handy to get an idea of the next thing I want to do on the net. It is a function that what is done is a visualization of a form on the desktop for the user to complete the data. What I need is to include in the same function in net. the possibility of freezing the desktop, that is, when I launch the form function, the desktop is blocked only waiting for the data of the requested form to be completed. So far what I have got is to show the form to complete the data with the button to send data. I receive the data without problems in the administration console. The form window that I show, can not be closed, the minimization, maximize and close window fields are canceled. But the problem is the previous described, my idea is to get that window also frozen form centered on the desktop without the possibility of making any action on the machine until the form is completed. I'm looking for tips to be able to do this. For my part I'm still studying how to do this in the code to freeze. Or I can also help a desktop freeze function. Thank for all help I hope you understand the query I have.
  10. I was on the php side of the problem as the user told you. The warning you had in the screenshop said that the error was in PHP. Good luck and enjoy friend.
  11. Запроси Обзор

    Hello Pixe1 Here I am for a product review. The product is this: https://dedik.cc/index.php?showtopic=150662 My contact form jid: h21@exploit.im, here I am for what you need for the friend review. Thank you so much.