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  1. CANADA EMT METHOD 3000$ DEPOSIT 100% Working.

    Well, by the rules, in this case you should write a price.
  2. CANADA EMT METHOD 3000$ DEPOSIT 100% Working.

    1Stacc - I do not understand,😕 you're selling? I work with drops in partnership? If it is not selling then your topic should be moved to the offtopic section because here is the sales forum, right?
  3. RDP+VNC z668

    I know it's difficult, reciprocity and mutual hahahahahahah! I meant Do you sell only the RDP tool?
  4. RDP+VNC z668

    Hello rov Do you consider selling separate, just soft RDP?
  5. rybens, never use google to translate russian,google and donkey,not work read the rules of the forum, who does not speak russian should write in english,send the list of websites that you want to hack in pm, I'll check.
  6. Banking Bot

    CAUTION, RIPPER/SCAMMER👎 He just changed the name of the same fucking tool https://dedik.cc/topic/128824/ Not recommended.
  7. hahahaha you are funny😆 Follow the rules: https://dedik.cc/topic/10428/ And you better talk to ADO https://dedik.cc/profile/31283-ad0/ , probably the admin will be very busy updating the forum.
  8. Simple Write to the edbitss at pm, and ask him to do a review with the moderator pixe1 Topic: https://dedik.cc/topic/151298/
  9. Read the topic, and of course he and the author. Look at the pictures are bots mix world, what do you think? About scrow, the author has answered above, read it again.
  10. Maybe a public exploit works the same, right? https://exploits.shodan.io/?q=ASUS If you want to pay expensive you might find https://zerodium.com/program.html
  11. Buy banking logins from brazil

    no, it's better with balance do your logs have the electronic signature?,ie 6 numbers if you do not have the numbers of the electronic signature and the bank account is not able to make transfers, it is impossible to cashout, except a trojan KL Remote that does not need any info to do the cashout.
  12. Buy banking logins from brazil

    "Important update" I will buy the bank logs in brazil only in this format Bank branch number Bank account number User Pass Electronic signature Email access (optional) Email Pass
  13. Good morning everyone, new year back to business :) Types of logs I need :snooks: User :snooks: Pass :snooks: Ip :snooks: state :snooks: Email (optional) :snooks: Pass :snooks: Additional data (if any) Banks :snooks: caixa.gov.br :snooks: itau.com.br :snooks: santander.com.br :snooks: bb.com.br Any other bank in Brazil is also accepted I'll pay $ 20 for each log If you have logs and want cashout, we can negotiate Write your jabber in pm, and remember, talk in jabber always with encryption otr Guarant :snooks: ADO/admin No guarant, you send me the logs in front, I do the tests, if it works, I pay Listen, idiots, scarifiers and inadequate guys I will ignore.