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  1. anybody have idea who in here have url exploit, where when a target (victim) visits a phishing page, the embedded payload in that page auto downloads and auto executes in the targets pc without user interactions (hidden/ silently) something like this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfIJBUVuwJI
  2. problem with macro, is the "enable button" most employees have been trained nowadays. when they come across doc file with macro, to call their IT guy or forward the doc file to their it dude. whom will in turn run it in sandbox.
  3. true, no doubt on what you said cause most cve only work on unptached system. does it have template to trick the target to enable or does it come with force enable macro even when the target click yes or no it will execute. still i give it up to you for a clean job. Good Luck man
  4. if it can auto enable the macro and silently auto execute the payload, then it is worth amount. but if the target still have to click the "enable button". well, 3k is kind of expensive. between clean job and good luck though.
  5. not bad but still have some bug, and also one plugin in particular freezes all the time during runtime. but i it will be fixed soon. between it's a very one.
  6. if you find someone, could you let me know, i use netwire as well and a privately coded native rat.
  7. i have watched several times the youtube demo of this program, it has quality features. the hvnc does not seem to have the usual black panel while running chrome. i have searched the forum to see if the author is here but i can't find him even in other boards. he usually deals via jabber and recently on selly.gg can any body confirm if it's a scam cause i wonder why he is not here but prefers selling outside the board. if i can get his real contact i will really appreciates is he is for real cause i truly like the program and want to purchase
  8. when i read, i see it says works in windows 7. fixed in windows 10 : http://prntscr.com/njyyj1 at the very end, they indicated here http://prntscr.com/njywtx that it did not work in windows 10. but i might be wrong let me look at it carefully and try. thank you so much.
  9. thank you for your suggestions, if you read it carefully it said it didn't support windows 10. i forgot to include that information in my thread. the target OS runs windows pro 10 1809.
  10. I need any exploit that when i install exe as normal user, in an admin controlled pc. will bypass uac and install silently as admin without any user interaction. the exploit, i expect it to work with most native rats. my budget is $400. if the exploit is complete runtime fud and tight, more money can be added.