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  1. Ok bought 3 other hosters on talking with loki,all 3 not supported? vps not supported? create something that is workable for us and not controlable for you also ccgrabber never captures cvc not only chrom,e
  2. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP I got scammed for 160$ you cannot use the bot on any other host they the one they offer,wich is a crappy one banned 3 times a day till theres no more way of getting to the panel or domain they setup for you so byebye bots. 50% of the functions dont even work correctly. It was so bad at a point that customers from him in his telegramgroup came complaining in privatechats to me and others. Skip this joke and save a lot of headache Scamreport will be up in couple hours
  3. Supp, Anybody with good english here who can help me setup loki stealer on xampp? PAnel is up and running but building fails Reward will be given !
  4. eCh0raix ransomware affiliate program

    me to 🙂 U live?
  5. Checkout sollhost in server section
  6. Looking for .onion Setup

    Hosting a onion site will need alot experience to harden the server etc you clearly do not posess..if you dont want to spend life behind a brushed stainless steel door start at step 1. The only one who neds to know of this server owner and configuration is the owner..no one else simpel amazon.in/Linux-Hardening-Hostile-Networks-Security/dp/9353061776