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  1. How to become a Pentester ?

    no degree is needed. find some labs, work through the labs, use youtube, google, other resources. i personally only learn by doing, reading will only help so much)
  2. Programming Language

    such topic already exists. look at https://dedik.cc/topic/147877/ and https://dedik.cc/topic/34702/
  3. How to contact APT41 group

    there was someone on kickass (now dead) forum with thedarkoverlord name but whether they were the real person i dont know
  4. Dumping/Cloning Website

    Try HTTrack. Alternatively just wget or curl?
  5. Dumping Admin login

    also try wfuzz. you can specify wordlists and remove 404 error returns with --hc 404
  6. 0day forum (tor)

    i think the administrators left there some time ago, only the marketplace was working when i was last there...
  7. с наступающим!

    Всех с новым годом :D :D :D
  8. How to get the forum in all english?

    learning russian is a good way to do business but it is a difficult long process... especially with some of the more 'unique' words 😄 if you need help pm me)
  9. Очистка кармы.

    дааа жизнь продолжается..
  10. Looking for malware samples?

    some good samples here... thanks for the share)
  11. Does Android Bank Bot still good today?

    android bots still good and very profitable)