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  1. AccessBomber

    looking to buy it, its good tool or its not worth to buy it ?
  2. where the impossible becomes possible, that's what i learned from him, he always finds a way! thanks over and over....
  3. Hey everyone im lookin for Exploit PDF (EXE to PDF) Private and to have support the exploit. Please just real one contact me, im willing to pay good . All that i want to be good one and to support your tool . -RU Привет всем, я ищу Exploit PDF (EXE в PDF) Private и иметь поддержку эксплойта. Пожалуйста, просто свяжитесь со мной, я готов хорошо заплатить. Все, что я хочу, чтобы быть хорошим и поддерживать ваш инструмент.
  4. How to get the forum in all english?

    Use chrome and make it this site to be translated auto.
  5. phpass Wordpress

    RЯ ищу взломать этот вид хэша phpass для WordPress может кто-нибудь помочь мне взломать его $P$BkblVv0WHYNE2BnWJ8vWPhn9RDDBKs0 И могу ли я получить хорошую базу данных, где я могу использовать ее для взлома хэшей. Спасибо всем - ENIm looking for cracking this kind of hash phpass for wordpress can anyone help me crack it $P$BkblVv0WHYNE2BnWJ8vWPhn9RDDBKs0 And can i get a good database where i can use it for cracking hashes . Thanks all
  6. Scampage creator expert

    hello , im looking for someone who can creat for me scampage , undetected with bots . for more info hit me inbox
  7. [Python] Python CMS Detector

    Sorry but i didnt got well your code !! And it dont work ..... line 36 print('Error:', e.__class__, 'with message', *e.args) ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  8. [Python] Python CMS Detector

    line 8 try: ^ IndentationError: expected an indented block >Problem in line 8
  9. [Python] Python CMS Detector

    Hey everyone, i need help on this script im not good on python . When i use it it scan just the Wordpress websites it don't scan the other Cms just wordpress can someone help me ? Скрытый текст #!/usr/bin/python # -*-coding:Latin-1 -* import sys,urllib2 from multiprocessing import Pool from multiprocessing.dummy import Pool as ThreadPool def cms(url): try: url="http://"+url.strip() op =urllib2.urlopen(url,timeout=5) if "wp-content" in op.read(): print "[Wordpress] "+url open("WordPress-CMS.txt","a").write(url+"\n") elif "/administrator/" in op.read(): print "[Joomla] "+url open("Joomla-CMS.txt","a").write(url+"\n") elif "index.php?route" in op.read(): print "[OpenCart] "+url open("opencart-CMS.txt","a").write(url+"\n") elif "/node/" in op.read(): print "[Drupal] "+url open("drupal-CMS.txt","a").write(url+"\n") else: print "[Uknown] "+url open("Uknown.txt").write(url+"\n") except: pass def main(): for i in ListPass: try: i = i.strip() data=cms(i) except: pass ListPass = open(sys.argv[1], 'r').readlines() pool = ThreadPool(20) pool.map(cms, ListPass) pool.close() pool.join() if __name__ == '__main__': print("Scan Finished")
  10. WHM

    hello who sell whm root , i want to buy hit me up who have !! :blink: russian - translated ! привет, кто продает whm root, я хочу купить, чтобы поднять меня, у кого есть?
  11. Domain blacklist bypass

  12. Keylogger's

    Hello everyone i want to make this topic for which is best Keylogger trending that can be spreaded via PDF or WORD no Macros required . Let's discuss it about which one you liked more !