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  1. I require a partner

    There is a technique uses in getting access to ATM, via Network i've been saw some malwares around do that work, attacking only ATM's and getting necessary information about getting access over there, that's easiest on the attacker to cashout money from atm in every time, no need to execute manually.
  2. You have to get at least three vulnerabilities in the System one in the User Mode PE/AUTHORITY/SYSTEM and second in the Kernel Mode, the third maybe can exploit it to get access to UEFI, or you can move directly to BIOS from finding vulnerability in the Firmware Of the OS , i will give you a hit to get a vulnerability in that section you can focus on SPI FLASH, but look like the first idea is little easy if you have the right skills for that.
  3. I've been received a message in telegram about their services , it's look related https://maliciouscomputerservices.com
  4. AMSI (Antimalware Scan Interface (Windows))

    I know it's old topic but some people they still to this time they didn't know how to bypass that's kind of SI way used by AMSI in Anti virus's but there is always solution with time, i've been reversed engineered the dynamic of "shellcode.dll" and it's wonderful thing that we must focus on it more, it's available in rapid7. #include #include int main(void) { HMODULE hMod = LoadLibrary("shellcode.dll"); //it's old, the ascii hex's added to Windows Defender if (hMod == nullptr) { cout << "Failed to load shellcode.dll" << endl; } return 0; }
  5. @xhumster i've been work on it hard , i got the payload in the repository leaked it's not contain only the payload, It's missed a lot of things.