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  1. Hello i like to buy again 100 flowers from you :P this time i have more money thank to you :P
  2. Best RDP SERVICE CHEAP AND PROFESIONAL !!!!!!! all work! i m angry becouse i don t have money to buy more thank you for your service !
  3. Best bulletproof

    i use z668 and NLBRUTE on lolek and have No Complains ! 😄 Mass-scan i don't advice if you don't configured corectly it will say that you flood their network 🙂 But you can Rent a linux servar for mass scanning ip's i have linux and windows and nothing to cry about 110$ Dedicated server windows product
  4. брут RDP

    do you have ? windows privilege escalation ? maybe we can help each other i olso work on RDP Brut i brute with z668
  5. [buy] dead UK cc database

    i contacted you in PM i have 144 uk cc 60-70 days old still 10% valid i think 😛
  6. i use an OLD :) EXE ... and with this amazing crypt service i get past all AV!! thank you for your service ! the best service on the market! FUD everything! any AV
  7. с наступающим!

    Happy new year for all Members on the forum!
  8. i have the money but the BTC network is delaying i think in 48 hours maxim i will rent your product and make a review PLEASE give me your jabber account !
  10. i contacted you on Jabber and PM you say accept only english writers , that is tru ? or you accept english writers i wanted to rent your product 7-8 days ago (i contacted you) english writers or only ru writers?
  11. user.get ("phone") works in reverse case? In the case, user have public id, but not phone in the profile.
  12. Бортовой СПАМ журнал

    587 465 etc 90% that using this port are email clients that have LIMITS in sending go to the python bruter crack.py or mail.py or whatever you have and change the port for brute if you want leave it but will be limits in thouse ports 200 500 emails even 20 50 ....... is very simple to create domains for brute CORP smtp's for exemple you have a email adress steven1970@hotmail.com in a txt document open the txt document and press control H and replace hotmail.com with .com or .net. org or whatever and you will have steven1970.com and put the domains to brute make simple user.txt with user like support info office temp e.t.c and a simple password file like %username% %domains% it will be very easy to crack fast put treads 10 000 for a more fast brute and make a list of maxim 100 000 domains.txt to crack so the brute will go faster
  13. Бортовой СПАМ журнал

    for exemple i'm using a linux sender PHP .. https://prnt.sc/n35ck4 as you can see i get over 11 000 emails with only 5 smtps 2 died in the process use a private sender don't use a public version sender .... and use only smtp corp ... try to brute them only on port 25 or 2525 delete the other port's 587 465 etc from the brute option
  14. Бортовой СПАМ журнал

    Does no one have a solution why the smtp's are freezing ? after 200 300 emails ? per smtp ? for exemple i put 100 smtp's in Gammadyne Mailer all g00d smtp's info webmaster support office ... and every single smtp send's maxim 200 emails and freeze for exemple 100 - 200 = 2000 emails off 😞 there is a specific provider where to put the smtps ? and send ? or what is the problem ? i need to install PowerMTA ? I'm using Rdp to send email sockz binded on port 8080 or any other port i have valid email Adresses colected with IMAP EXTRACTOR for exemple i put a list of emails password hotmail and colect the CONTACTS my emails are valid 99% i use clean links redirect clean html ( crypted ) multi proxy randomitization