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  1. I pay good money if someone find me DL search service. All states. I pay good money per search. PM ME p.s Sorry admin, but there is no section for this type of offers. I searched 10 minutes in all sectiions. Please, dont delete my message. Just move in correct section if you think I missed it.
  2. I need zelle cashout service or drops for small amounts per transactions, but big money per day total - Transaction limit 200-300$ - Many transactions per day - total 6-7k,sometimes 8-9k daily. - We can use one or many banks, depend your ideas for fast cashout. - charge backs I dont know when they come, can be days, can be weeks. If you have chase account can be weeks. Good banks to work: Chase, Ally, and many others. Bad banks: Capital 1, WF, BBT, and few others Better you know how to cashout big amounts with debit card or anything like this. I dont want you to go few times in bank daily. You must pay me everytime when my balance is 400-500$. AFTER 2-3 DAYS, we will agree some ammount you to keep and pay me when balance is reached. This is in order you not to cheat me. Or leve despoit. Also I need online acess for bank acts. We work 50:50 if you pay me instant or 60:40 for me, if I need to wait you for withdraws. PM
  3. Купим ваши USA логи с 2012 по 2018ый год. Рассмотрим любые предложения. С новорегами, и\или людьми без репутации работаем только через гарант. Связь лс -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We buy all your USA logs. From 2012 to 2018 y. We buy all logs you have. Deal only via escrow or with verified users with many posts.
  4. Нужен человек с трояном по юса банкингу, ботнет должен иметь HVNC или скрытый тимвьювер.Не нужны пустые боты, должен быть трафик. Я предлагаю неограниченные денежные вложения для вашего ботнета, но только в трафик (загрузки, боты, деньги на спамера и т. Д. Вы будете работать со своими контактами. Я только даю вам деньги). Вы также получаете 30% с каждого акка, который я выводил. Опять же, я инвестор. Вам плачу хорошие деньги за ботнет и % от выплаты.
  5. I have money to invest in ready botnet (with ready bots, USA). I am paying money for loads,spammer etc and all money one botnetowner need for bot :) fialkivsky, if you find someone with botnet for your loads write me. I will invest in anything to be 3rd partner - you and botowner and me . Also you get % from my cashouts.