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  1. Приветствую! В наличии готовые Киви кошельки
  2. Hola, i need fresh german database dumps for spaming incl. vuln to validate quality. Need only fullinfo dumps with fullname email. Also interessted in this kind of format: gender,fullname,email,iban Please dont contact me if you sell dumps twice.
  3. Does Android Bank Bot still good today?

    For germany its getting harder e.g. lot of onlinebankings arent using mobile number for receiving transfer pin, nowadays lot of chip generators are in use. In general it depends on your kind of spread method. Look for Anubis or Loki they are leaked
  4. I have to right it in english. Guys this are only my subjective experiences, but i spam daily on different german banks for years. Sparkasse / Volksbank are the two biggest banks for privat customers. Sparkasse: - ChipTAN/TAN APPs - 70% - mTAN - 30% Volksbank: - ChipTAN/TAN APPs - 50% - mTAN - 50% For login - as mentioned from sochi you need - Kontonummer/Login Name PIN the right BankCode (BLZ) for login thru the right page. Because Sparkasse and Volkbank have different pages for each local bank e.g. (Volksbank Berlin / Volksbank Frankfurt etc...) Sparkasse has less user using mTan than Volksbank. Both of them supporting SofortÜberweisung and Giropay. The antifraud system depends on the balance of the account and history. Moreover it is very useful to use socks for the same ip gateway while login and making sepa. Its is very common to spam on Volksbank to getting apk installs for cashing out the account. Next biggest bank (regarding to most privat customers) is Postbank. Tan Methods: - mTAN 70% - ChipTan/Bestsign 30% 80% of users using mTan. You also can spam on TPIN (TelefonPin). With TPIN its possible to send max 10k for one transaction an the transfer will be checked manually. Postbank was raped very hard, so its not really easy to cashout 100% of 1 account. Next biggest bank is Commerzbank. Tan Methods: - iTAN - 20% - mTAN - 45% - photoTAN - 35% Commerzbank is a very stable and good bank for doing fraud. The limit of max amount of transfer is in general higher than the other banks. The limit is depending on the history of the vic, but its easy possible to send 10k from a account with 5k balance and 5k debt limit. Its also possible to directly change the TAN number for mtan after receiving the first TAN. There are lots of good and underrated banks in germany like: - NorrisBank - DeutscheBank - Comdirect Regarding to the creditcart aspect, there are some good cc bins, but you need cc information bank account, but actually all german phishing scripts for amazon and paypal using query for asking for bankaccount etc etc. - Sparkasse CC Onlinebanking (enrolled) - depends on local issued bank but in generel you can set SecureCode over the onlinebanking panel the Sparkassen APP - you can use Bluestack. - Advanzia Enrolled - you need mail valid for the cc log or you phone the bank. You can change the mobilenumber for receive the TAN by yourself. The antifraudsystem is very hard - lot of payments get locked - LBB (Landesbank Berlin) - if you have Mail Valid you can change mobilenumber. Its a very good cc, you can cashout a lot. Price on german market: 2k limit mail : 100-150€ - Barcleys CC - you need barcleys bank number or onlinebanking - first payment is nonvbv There are also few bins that are very good. Hope i support the community. Kind regards german spammer :)
  5. Just use pastebin there a lot of new stuff. use good keywords for search
  6. Sure. Not every volksbank/reifesenbank is possible but 80% of them, but only used it for domestic transfer.
  7. Hey guys. only want to inform you about some nice changing on german market. It is possible to pay max 25€ per transaction without the need of a tan. You can send a total of 100€ a day. It works for 80% of Volkbank/Reifeisenbanken and for comdirect. Volkbank/Reifeisenbanken is a commonly used bank in germany, so easy to phish. Comdirect is a subsidiary company commerzbank and a lot of smaller and harder to phish. 25€/100€ is not much, but you can use it for example to verify new created bankdrops. Some banks are using this kind of verification. С наилучшими пожеланиями