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  1. @X4Crow can u run a adword campaign like the above?
  2. I have been tracking a fake blockchain.info adwords campaign for a couple of months. here are the links of old domains I want to know how they are managing adwords campaign for so long, the minute the domain gets red flagged , they raise a new domain and new landing in a minute seriously want to know how they are managing it , check the attached google search screenshots. https://logins-blockchain.com/#/loginhttps://login-blockchains.com/#/loginhttps://login.blqkckhain.com/wallet/#/loginhttps://login.blockchchairn.online/wallet/#/loginhttps://biockchairl.comhttps://bblockchein.com/#/loginhttps://xn--login-blockchin-jjb.com/#/loginhttps://login-blochckain.com/#/login
  3. @calposa i have physical access to the target system and its not connected to any network. so i connected my laptop to the target machine and exploited it but the problem i failed to exploit it when windows firewall is on on the target system
  4. @blackbok i want to install a exe into a standalone win7/win xp systems using lan cable connected to a laptop. I achieved this using msf and eternalpunch exploit, but the only problem is i can only exploit the target system windows firewall is turned off, so i need a better solution where i can exploit the target system even when windows firewall is on
  5. Привет, я ищу Windows 7 эксплойт, который может установить exe через локальную сеть Hi i am looking for a windows 7 exploit that can install exe through LAN
  6. nice guy to deal with, always online and explains everything when you understand always recommend A
  7. Eternalblue

    я могу взломать целевую систему, используя eternalblue, но если брандмауэр Windows целевой системы включен, я получаю тайм-аут заплатит за поддержку i can hack the target system using eternalblue but if the target system windows firewall is enabled all i get it timeout will pay for the support
  8. Buy Telegram Bot

    Hi need a programmer to make a telegram bot to sell stiller logs please pm me price and availability
  9. i need a web developer to build a shop to sell stiller logs let me know you price and availability мне нужен веб-разработчик, чтобы построить магазин, чтобы продавать более мягкие журналы дайте мне знать ваши цены и наличие
  10. i have malware for all atm models, you just have to install it no upfront payment needed
  11. Купить трафик adword на поддельные блокчейн / Myetherwallet Buy adword traffic on crypt fake blockchain/myetherwallet