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  1. anyone have information ?

    need to good l7 ddos botnet i know not allowed to sell it this forum but if have a information plz tell me ;
  2. anyone have information ?

    Ok i hope he is seller :)
  3. anyone have information ?

    Thx for the help:)
  4. anyone have information ?

    anyone know who is selling Deucalion irc botnet? thx :)
  5. RAT purchase

    anyone can recommand rat no net frame work want native , hrdp option
  6. rat question

    can you recommand other things? thx :)
  7. rat question

    thx for your opnion
  8. rat question

    Thx so netwire is best of point attack and netwire is no watermark? i mean they can't track me?
  9. rat question

    what is best choice ? 1. jrat 2. netwire 3. visconti backdoor not mass infect point attack only
  10. point attack

    anyone can recommand visconti or hidden teamviewer? i need keylogger , hidden rdp , file send and receive and Delete the log that I accessed If you have any other comments please tell us Thank you
  11. azorult question

    100 200 30 100 1000. $1430 with azo hosting domen crypt and 500 US installs. About 400 good us logs you have. If you clever - profit 100%. thank you for help ^
  12. azorult question

    how much does it usually cost to start azorult? price including server domain crypt? i will not spread it. just buy install
  13. rat recommend?

    well remcos is no have watermark ? and i heared remcos get ban when i using ilegal anyway thx for help :)
  14. rat recommend?

    anyone can recommend? not for mass price : 100~400$