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  1. check your jabber sending you message and u not responding Сори, мне самому наспамил какой то человек.Предложил тестовый спам.Я согласился. Была разовая рассылка
  2. do you do the shipping yourself or you give me the method to use to do it?
  3. SWIFT-MT103-202-199

    if anyone has access to send swift MT's real once that hit the houses let me know we can make something out of it.. let me know jabber + otr hrworklyn@exploit.im
  4. Needed urgently

    All Can be negociated
  5. Needed urgently

    I am looking for UK Dead CVV 500k in volume paying 2k-4k USD Also if you are a blackhat and you can go into a DB i am willing to pay 3k USD I am Still looking for SS7 Access - Monthly Rent for 6k - 10k USD Message me Now
  6. hey guys i am looking for UK SS7 rentals access , i want weekly rental for SS7 for UK if you have it please message me private PM ready to use guarantor here hrworklyn@exploit.im or PM - i am a serious buyer
  7. I am looking for bulk sms any sender ID UK , US and Canada....urgent
  8. Hi , I am looking for bulk sms services , with any sender ID as software in RDP or anything of that nature.. if snmp better
  9. Hi anyone offering BMF kind of mailing services??? message me
  10. Hey guys i am looking for US Loan seekers email corp list , Please message me with your leads i am buying them US loan seekers Business list.