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  1. Hi, I need Access to websites (.gov.br or .edu.br) if you have SHELLs or Root Access, let me know, I will pay very well for access. PM pls
  2. hi, 👍 My final intention is to identify the "Plugin/Extension" of AVAST, adblock was just a sample.
  3. Does anyone know how I can identify a PLugin / Extension installed in Chrome via JavaScritp? for example, I have already seen on some sites, that they can identify the "AdBlock", I would like to identify the Avast Plugin. If you have this to sell me, send me PM, I leave your message here.
  4. App: https://faceapp.com/app My intention is to get the Requestes to send the Image, and filters applications, so I can simulate Locally in my PHP or other software. I need Hair Filters and Makeup, I already tried to use APIs from other sites, but they do not support my work, I get to make 200 thousand requests per day. If you have already done this, or have it done, contact the Private with me. for more details, please PM.
  5. I am looking for fake Chrome/Flash play update landing page... with high conversion from download / install to Desktop. PM me if you have it 😀
  6. Hello people, I'm using the VPN "tunnelbear" wanted to hear from you if it's safe, what does vicese have to say? I use "tunnelbear" to connect to a VPS, the connection is very fast.
  7. [Delphi] Mozilla Firefox Browser Passwords decrypt

    I've been looking for this for a long time. Thanks for sharing. :new_russian:
  8. [PHISHING] Buy a solution (BitDefender)

    great, I already implemented BlackTDS here, tomorrow I start to run, if you have any technology that can help me, please keep me informed, hugs .. :new_russian:
  9. [PHISHING] Buy a solution (BitDefender)

    thanks rootHox, I was buying BlackTDS right now, was there better in your business by adding BlackTDS as another protection?
  10. [PHISHING] Buy a solution (BitDefender)

    BitDefender and G-Data identifying my domain as "Phishing" I have my own "Cloaking" (banned ips, referer check, etc.) it has been running for 4 months, no problem, but this week BitDefender and G-Data started to get my domains as "Phishing", can anyone give me any tips to solve? some trick or technique that I can use, if you can help me, I'll pay a very good bonus for you. wait..