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  1. Please correct me if i am wrong understanding that it is a rtf this means this want work on 2016 another updated office modules right like office 365 etc?!
  2. online and kicking site works https://dyncheck.com/scan/id/7787d5e26796f63a8dea19c5c64d75e9
  3. simply contact me on jabber for more clarification greencrypt@exploit.im
  4. please reply in pm if serious i can provide what your looking for good day!
  5. The service has more realistic Results then other Services provided i can agree the service is great i hope for better prices for poor people like me in the future other wise great guy and honest service keep up the good work!
  6. that exploit was like 3-4 years old i have seen it to lol
  7. Many ask for crypt follow the above instructions the crypt er is Automated! Visit https://greencrypt.io/ upload file before crypting untick all boxes and click on advance options and then tick Copy to user directory before execution
  8. into rdp so u are looking for a hnvc and not a rdp be specific with your request!
  9. i can not deny the man has great knowledge best of luck with the sale of your product
  10. yes i did sell 2 slots and then the macro died with Windows defender after the sub ended with the clients then i had alot of work with crypter so i did not bother to update now the work complete with crypter so i updated i sold 1 copy for 1 week allready so yes due to quality the client are ready to pay some may feel it is overpriced but i do discount loyal clients!