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  1. Hello 50/50. Please stop talking shit in my thread, i open the invitation to a moderator to test my software. Cheers. Hello GeorgeCarlin. I dont know why 50/50 said that, not the first time he post shit here, pixe1 was invited to test my software but maybe he is too busy or something. Cheers.
  2. Hello Meoww. It dont have keylogger function but if you need it i can add it for this next update. it is not FUD you will need use a crypter. Price is listed in the thread. Cheers.
  3. Hello guys. I see some costumers did not have the last update, if your builder is showing the alert "activation server unavailable", please contact me to give you the new update. Cheers.
  4. Hello guys. A little changelog update: [ ] Fixed problem uploading screenshots in unicode systems. Cheers.
  5. Hello guys. im working in a next update for glitchpos and im looking some ideas from you. If you need some function in there let me know and i will add it. Cheers.
  6. Hello crimewave. It only grabs data from the magnetic stripe, so PIN is there but encrypted. It infect the PC but grabs the data of the POS connected to it. Cheers.
  7. Hello guys. I updated my activation server, so all older builder of glitchpos are no more working now, please contact me to get the update. Cheers.
  8. Hello Guys today I released a new update of GlitchPOS named as Gemsbok. Changelog:[ ] Now you can view an screenshot of the machine in the panel.[ ] Added compagination in cards to avoid the high load time with too much dumps.[ ] Added compagination in bots to avoid the high load time with too much bots.[ ] Now you can update the dumps regex in the panel.[ ] Fixed the problem with the update task in bot.[ ] Impoved builder.[ ] Moved the Delete cards button to the cards tab.[ ] Now you can view all the cards sent by one POS clicking in the amount of cards in clients tab.[ ] Now you can custom set the time to clean the bot memory in the builder.[ ] Added last seen row in the clients tabs.[ ] New format for card exportation.[ ] Now you can load your saved configs in your builder.[ ] Added detection for x86/x64 systems. [ ] Now you get the updates direct in the builder. Please builder costumers message me to get the update. I will update the images in the thread soon.
  9. Hello s1sm0x0. I havent test it with it but if it is connected to the pc, use the magnetic stripe and the data pass through the RAM you will not have problems. Cheers.
  10. Hello s1sm0x0. It dont take the cvv2, it takes only track1 and track2 data. Cheers.
  11. Hello bat9hack. I put a video in the main thread, but here is the link again: Video: https://streamable.com/nl4j4 Hello GeorgeCarlin. it is a working bot, I provide to the moderator one builder to test but it seems he is busy. Cheers.
  12. Hello guys. My jabber problems are fixed. Now im listening opinions of which new options/functions add to GlitchPOS. Until now the next update change list is: - SCREENSHOTS - COMPAGINATION FOR REPORTS/USERS - SOME MINOR FIXES IN WEB PANEL if you need something extra please let me know, i will keep this project alive. Cheers.