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  1. Pure FTP'd Exploits

    what is the version of Pure FTP'd on the server you target ?
  2. @knbangI have some question for you. why your xmpp here is different from the one on your profile ? why you create multiple threat to ask the same things ? and why you always write what you want in uppercase ?
  3. это зависит от типа 2FA. Нам нужно больше информации, чтобы предложить вам лучшее.
  4. Looking for malware samples?

    I was looking into the library malware list. looks like something one can experiment on. Thanks a lot for the share
  5. Someone knows what it is Hvns?

    I search it on Google and found this, maybe it can help you: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264386386_A_hybrid_variable_neighborhood_search_for_solving_the_hybrid_flow_shop_scheduling_problem