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  1. searching for phpmyadmin/wp/magento bruteforce

    I need linux bruteforce scanner/script for: phpmyadmin cpanel magento wordpress PM with details and price if you have
  2. binance and bittrex? send me message with price. also can you make wirex account card and virtual card?
  3. brought the soft , tested on 2 pc, it grabs (from chrome , other not checked). all ok for now
  4. brought this 2 days ago. tested on xp , win7 , win10 . tested manual download , .doc macros , tested using another loader . runs ok on all , av does not detect anything . tested the loader to drop multiple .exe and all execute 100% . congrats to the maker :D
  5. nice support , fast work . grabs from many but from some need work on script . best sniffer
  6. jabber spam fake admin exploit asking donations

    (11:37:23 PM) admin@exlpoit.im/Psi+: Добрый день уважаемые пользывотели форума exploit Мы начали сбор средств для улудшение качеств работы форума и безопастности форума от взломов и кидал. Для этого нам нужно собрать довольно нормальную сумму средств. Кто хочет помочь форуму и улудшить качество работы форума может пожертвовать средств. Реквизит для сбор средств BTC 1LY6ui1AgYZkEuZ9763uypG7c4C2LPEvvL С уважением администрация форума dedik.cc
  7. Best way is to use dedicated servers with KVM 24/7 (encrypted with pgp) , install your own jabber . VPS is also good if because you can enable no logging . Problems people dont really get it are this: - if you use pgp (man in the middle cant see the messages) but they can see your ip address. - even if you have dedicated server with pgp , your own jabber , pgp or otr (if your chat partner has logging enabled and no pc protection , police can get all from his pc) . - what is the point of crypt if you use your real ip? they know who you are :) someday you will make a mistake. So best advice is: -use vps or dedicated server (use country like kazakstan) . -use your own jabber. -use ssh-ssl(ssl encrypts trafic) tunelling (best ones is hacked and backdored that store no logs). -dont story any logs and talk with your partner to do the same. -dont talk (names, address , location , or any thing about your private life) . -use 2 laptops or desktops : 1. for your real life 2. one for you non legal life :) People dont really get it and mix the two of them. You login to dedik.cc forum with ip and that is your real ip ... and you trust this i safe? A hacked get's the database or access to exploit server and see what people buy/sell and do the ip address. The ip address was used with facebook , insta , twitter and 100 other services and websites . Remember the darkcode bust? people did not understand how... this is how... just because you are on a hacking forum , market place ... etc. that does not mean you are protected . Allways use 2 internet providers and never mix them because you can make mistakes . 1 life for hacking 1 life for private More to know: use ssl tunelling 1 for mozilla use ssl tunelling 1 for chrome use ssl tunelling 1 for jabber use ssl tunelling 1 for rdp use as many as you and as many country's as you can . all you can do is make it harder and harder for someone to trace you.
  8. чекер trycheck

    .pm domain down but .vc works
  9. С праздником ребятки всех!

    Happy new year B) https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/23804def7...ef1f6702704ce39
  10. twilio does some thing and anyone can buy with a fake credit card lol ... they have api/doc/scripts
  11. to send inbox if different form a spam to another and from a provider to another. ex: you can send inbox to hotmail , spam to yahoo and never hit gmail. to spam you need to bypass keywords ex: (account locked , account suspended) this does not work any more ... lol never worked but was easy few years ago. even if you register new domain , setup (spf , dkim , _dmark) and all shit you will still fail because you are not trusted there are some services where you can register your domain and send through their services but : - if you dont have clean emails for what you spam ex: you spam some emails for amazon but they dont have amazon. you spam some emails you brought from some breach in 2014 and 30% are disabled. you will get bounce back and after 20k - 60k emails you are banned. or you can get clean smtps and send from: smtpuser , this way you bypass some filters . but: you will need a sender who works with socks and for each send to have a new ip. or find a whitelist server that is trusted to send and you can : send from user@yourdomain.com and you might get in to inbox on some providers like yahoo.com and more... who knows. 100% way there is not , but with work in domain for years you can do a lot. also... there is no one good at this that will teach you or give you anything. spamming this days is not easy and who knows will keep for him. even what i said people keep for them so ... good luck it was all for free .
  12. проблема с кодировкой ams

    Normal encoding for all is Unicode/UTF-8 , what you need is to set EUC-KR:Korean to work :P ex: $from[]="=?UTF-8?B?" . base64_encode("Test") . "?="; need to replace with EUC-KR :P
  13. Биткоин стиллер

    Usually this bitcoin copy/paste change address are used in adobe flash and also that is the way of infection , but there are many different ones . Try close mozzilla , open a text document and copy/paste a bitcoin address , if the address does not change you know what the problem is :) ... find and delete all adobe flash folders in your computer. if mozilla is closed and the address still changes you have to check in multiple locations . it can be in registry , startup , run as windows service. Firewall cant do shit to trace bitcoin changer because is local and does not have anything to do with internet connection. It does not need to run as .exe it can be injected anywhere to a legal process , you just need to find where.