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  1. More infos would be good . What kind of CC you need ? Random ? Full ? Enrolled ? Which Country CC must come frome ? Any restrictions ? You need VBV / MSC ? All CCs possible ? How long till you can send me my share ? We can do test with One CC i will provide
  2. At the moment he is trying to fix the issue will update later
  3. We bought from him and will give feedback after everything is provided from him
  4. Okay , what does this now mean ? Is his tool not working ? Is it not good ? Can you please explain
  5. Congratulations. Looks very good and reasonable. We like the way of thinking and designing your tool Lot of Macro Coder here are not worth their Money. And 3000 $ is nothing if you know how to use. Money is back in your pocket in less then a day , i would even say after spreading first time. Can you do AV Test on Sentinel One Crowstrike Falcon Cylance ? We would also pay for the test if its to much hassle for you
  6. Zerodium sells only to Company’s / Government and cost minimum 500k per year . their exploit Portal is nice and their is a bunch of exploits you can use and make money with it .
  7. Well , this is the best known EK on Exploit there are several private EK. but only if you know right ppl
  8. How much % you pay per account ?
  9. This happens because bank gets notification from Network that your call is forwarded. #21 USSD Anti Fraud Tools will notify Bank if Call is redirected Call is redirected into another country Call is redirected to unknown number and some stuff we dont know about it at the moment. What you need is to infect the Device of the User with Android Malware which let you intercept Phone Calls in Real-Time and catch them. This is nearly impossible to afford (because i think you dont want to spend 6 figures on this malware) What we did is to infect device with Android Rat. And install some Virtual SIM Card Application. With that App we could take the Call from other Devices like Samsung Tablet etc.
  10. How long does shipment take to Italy ? And any discounts on bulk order ?
  11. How to get the forum in all english?

    Ensuite, je vous recommande de sélectionner les sujets les plus importants et de les traduire. Et là, vous pouvez travailler peu à peu avec un traducteur de Google ou quelque chose comme ça. Si c'est suffisant pour vos affaires.