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  1. thats right. smart people cannot be made fools to enable macro ))
  2. I work on long term contracts for last 5 years. Only target or point attacks, no spam. Total targets will be less than 50 per month. I seek following exploit configuration: - CVE-2017-8570 / CVE 2017-11882 / CVE-2018-0802 / CVE 2018-8174 - Decoy document - Payload - EXE - Basic web stats (OS version, AV version, user agent) - Support Office 2007 SP3 / 2010 SP2 - Support Win7-10 (1803.17134.x) - Dyncheck runtime result - 2/23 (comodo/emisoft detection does not matter, others to be clean) Budget - Builder cost negotiable less than 2k. - Cleaning, 500 weekly for private FUD (1 hand). - After 1 month successful work, double cleaning price. 1st contact PM. later we connect on jabber.
  3. My review of the scanner service after two months: Primarily i use this service for specific AVs which are not available on other services. In last two months it has seen lot of improvements and also modifications requested by users. Scanner was down for several days but today I managed to do a test for Scantime and Runtime seperately with two AVs. I must say the author has really improved the scan time, the results are loaded much faster now along with screenshots. I like the option to choose between Scantime and Runtime, it is very useful. The prices are also quite competitive. The author is very pleasant to talk to, listens to your complaints/modifications requests and implements it as time permits. Another feature needed ASAP: Ability to purge/delete scan history/individual scan results. In Future I see ScanHaven's going to be a robust Runtime scan service.
  4. interested because you offer some AV that are not available on dyncheck. please put here the Week and Month plan details in English.
  5. This topic is only for sellers response. other buyers please do not contact in PM. I am the buyer, not seller. There is requirement of Mac OS RAT with following features: - Support Mac OS X 10.14.3+ - Resident / persistent startup - System/network information - File Manager (download/upload) - bash shell - password stealer (chrome/Safari) - scantime clean on dyncheck Budet: 2000 USD (can be increased depending on features and runtime cleaning) Transactions only through garant AD0. If you have the product, please contact in PM.
  6. sent a test bin, within few minutes he send back working file. bypasses chrome))