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  1. Currently we are collecting feedback and trying to improve our service before giving a paid version. However we'll launch paid services this month and thanks for your feedback, we'll consider custom timer.
  2. Really soon, weare just finishing up payment gateways.
  3. SADD allows users to remotely control self-disposing desktops whose out-going connections are routed through the TOR network for full internet anonymity and privacy. Unlike your average VPNs, Proxies, and Socks utilities, SADD gives you a separate desktop away from your local machine to do your work. It is all web-based with no downloads needed! Link: https://sadd.io Features: Free (15 minute time limit) Secure Anonymous No logs/History Disposable (Paid version coming soon) Screenshots:
  4. 5 - access denied не хватает прав. запусти оснастку от администратора try this http://www.thewindowsclub.com/access-is-de...ces-windows-8-1
  5. Evilginx 2fa bypass (phishing)

    Great article about evilginx 2fa phishing. https://breakdev.org/evilginx-advanced-phis...ication-bypass/ Here's the github https://github.com/kgretzky/evilginx/blob/master/README.md
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  8. Will not confirm, blockchain showing old data. https://bitaps.com/1BYGemYwbaZscMqJ6MPnadykJzaXekVGC9 double spent tx