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  1. If you buy it, will be forever at least you lost the access to the domains You wont need make new exe, you will need a good crypter solution, thats all
  2. working good so far formgrabber seems to be working well on chrome, ff, ie
  3. I bought it, no problem with the product or with the seller Bots until now working fine, bots die quickly if you dont do a good fud for your exe
  4. do you have a website for your services? added you on telegram and jabber
  5. Inject on anubis 2.5 working good? Because my apk crash when make the inject, for example i opened the blockchain app and it load the inject but after 1-2 min it crash and the apk file stopped, then the bot goes offline on the panel, so i must install the apk again on the phone and open it again to get the bot connect to the panel, and always crash the inject. any help ?