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  1. I'm looking buy verified AdvCash account with enabled virtual card. EU user. You can order VCC from panel, but requires separate verification. PM please
  2. Thx, but i need access something for long term, not one-time-use-card. Need verified card acc like wirex/bitpay.
  3. I look for verified account in provider who supply VCC (Virtual card) where i can top-up account with Bitcoin. If not possible i can accept any other service that allows indirect topup via exchanger. Example: Bitcoin -> Exchanger -> Skrill -> Service -> VCC of Skrill PM
  4. I have a big job for someone who has access to iOS/Android 0-days. No need to disclose code, only help us with getting initial phone infection. Target is Google authenticator on the device. Minimum profit if operation succeed: 0.5-1mln usd+. I'm looking also for someone who can obtain gmail credentials with 2FA + goddady. Contact me, but only serious people.
  5. Bought single verification, everything fine. Seller dedicated to delivering good quality work, he answers all questions in deep. Will update post to make you all sure, that account holds for next months :)
  6. I need someone to make a scan/photo of national id Emirates (UAE), both sides with data i give. Urgent, contact please with priv for jabber
  7. Still looking. Wirex is no longer an option, they ship only physical cards. So spectrocoin verification anyone? Maybe you know any good VCC btc provider? PM me.
  8. up.. still looking. !Предупреждение от модератора:https://exploitinqx4sjro.onion/index.php?showtopic=10428 Запрещено: 1.3) Поднимать темы "пустыми" сообщениями "up", "вверх", "актуально" и т.д. Хотите поднять Вашу рекламную тему - сделайте это грамотно. Поднятие темы разрешено не чаще 1 раза в сутки.
  9. I need someone to verify or get me already account in service where i can use virtual card with btc topups. Something like wirex but can be other service.
  10. Some of the rates of the "soon available" mixing methods are absurd, considering big competition in the field. Also the minimum of 12.5.
  11. Buy accounts for these urls. From logs or however you want. https://www.etisalat.ae/ https://myaccount.du.ae/ Priv for jabber.