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  1. Никогда не отвечал на мое сообщение. свяжитесь со мной p1t@exploit.im я буду покупать
  2. Я хочу купить... Пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной. p1t@exploit.im
  3. Spam question

    In theory your method will work. what you will want to do and I have done this many times before is the following 1. Get 2 VPS servers 1 for a Command Center and 1 to send emails through 2. Load up software such as interspire, mumara or any other front end platform. 3. install a software such a PMTA and configure it to connect to the front end 4. load up email lists, messages etc. 5. Profit $$$ :) my method will keep your main operation safe making you only have to replace the VPS servers which are easily found by sites like webhostingtalk etc. your main command center will never be found with this method.. now a quick and dirty way is to hack some shells throw some php mailers on there with your lists and sit back and profit.. if you need more help just msg me. p1t@exploit.im
  4. нет десктоп по линку это статик чекер интересно нечто подобное как был ранчек