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  1. BUY RDP [UK/GB]

    Requirements : GEO : GB / UK Port : Not Standard (3389) Domain : YES Admin : Not Necessary Data : Yes Price : 15 - 30 $ (Depends on data size) * not for crypt. ** first contact pm. *** May choose to use Guarantor.
  2. Good day ! Please at-least share expected prices of material (us/eu/etc) once we have "entered" the shop. we should know before investing 500 "if final deal" is acceptable or not. Also : Will the balance from old shop be carried through ? if not then I think you should not be making such claim. * p.s I agree there is a strong demand for an honest and reliable vendor 🙂 regards
  3. UK,CA cc

    Bought some without check - 6 / 10 live. satisfied with product ✅
  4. @xrahitel - if ".exe" is blocked on current user profile how will it still execute "cmd.exe" ? @Weaverhouse - by ban U mean "-Unsigned .exe " and not all exes, can u not run a cmd,calc , powershell ? , if you can can run cmd,powershell etc , then there are many possibilities as discussed by other members. If "all exes" block then , u have to look either for "privilege escalation" or other kernel exploit to by-pass the sec policies. Lastly is this policy enforced by OS or some AV. - p.s I have personally used loader and droppers from @Firefox and its All Good :).
  5. yes, in short smoke gives a good operator facility to load "Specific tools" as required for job or depending on "target". Please use forum search option and you can get loads of articles on each topic. regards - more technical qs to the author 🙂
  6. -why do people sell their smoke bot license- when people take the name "smoke bot" literally and start thinking that this 1 bot will be answer to all the problems. Please understand Smoke is a "perfect loader " and an "average bot". If you do not understand the difference between two then you need more experience.How ever one has to praise project support which is there online/ supporting (sometimes even solving most stupidest of problems 😉 ) from last 8 yrs or so 🙂 . Nothing but praise for coder.
  7. Will Buy Geo : PK. Android Install or Android Traffic to our / your landing. Price and Proposal in pm.
  8. good price paid for corp. on selected domains price from 5$ / valid. regular suppliers required. * not interested in big 3(hotmail/google/yahoo) or *.ac.uk domains contact pm.
  9. avs check is not built by default into security policy of acquirer, it is something they can activate for high risk merchant (shop) and then force on every transaction . If you hit the shop in past it is possible that now avs check has be activated yes it will decline. Stripe gives 3 options cvv check / avs check / vbv check as payment security policy. By default only cvv check is enabled but if merchant (high risk) then stripe can enforce any other policy before accepting payment.
  10. Not every bank provides balance on automated so some bin may be 50 , generally 25 - 35. With VBV password - 75 p.s ever decided to sell will buy all UK. Good luck
  11. there are couple of techniques explained here - I find some of them still relevant. hxxps://github.com/rootm0s/Injectors regards
  12. Nothing is useless yet. Last year report shows ps was responsible for 65% of infections. and "there is no other way to make it then how it is made". You can use any language from ps to Go 🙂 Now if u are "detected on static " obfuscate (Your-self). dont use github tools etc for the purpose 😉 spend some time writing your own concatenate and str-replace funcs, use nested variables and if possible use xor encoding however if it is "run time detection" avoid obvious pitfalls like "download