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  1. The filters are: Male 25-38 years old No ethnic names (eg. Pajeet or Ho) 760+ score No existing/active amex credit cards Please PM with price 🙂
  2. [KUPLJU] Lexisnexis look-ups

    Nope. Still searching.
  3. [KUPLJU] Lexisnexis look-ups

    PM with price please 🙂
  4. If you can fund the campaigns and are still looking for someone to manage the Adwords accounts I can refer you to someone who manages roughly ~$150k/mo budgets. As for cloaker would use Fraudfilter. We use it mainly for FB ads, but it works for Adwords as well.
  5. Tolko kredit kart. Nado phone# tozhe. PM please with price 🙂 Looking for long-term vendor.
  6. Need business bank accounts with account# + routing#+ business name. Minimum $30k+ balances. Ideally Wells Fargo and Chase but can be others too 🙂 PM please!
  7. Searching again! Looking to buy bulk and long-term. Need to be primary male voice.
  8. Ideally only ones with the voice forwarding option. Buying 10 at a time or so. PM with price please 🙂
  9. Ah, my bad. Should have posted this in the "buying/selling" section 🙂
  10. [SEARCHING] Spammer for USA cc+ssn+mmn

    Hey! Searching for someone who can spam for CC + SSN + MMN for major USA banks like Chase, Bank of America, Capital 1 etc. Doesn't matter if it's email or SMS spam. The spammer would provide the bases or refer us to someone who we can buy quality bases from. Would put $1k in escrow for test and proceed from there Looking for long-term partners. Thanks!