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  1. I bought ~4 months ago the fullpackage, everything works as described. good loader :download: br, adlerandr
  2. Recommend him and his great service, he's working hard to keep the service stable We use the service always on a redundant way for our operations Thanks for everything my friend @->--
  3. Great guy with a good support. The service is very professional, bought monthly package, if there are any problems he will do the best to solve the problems fast. My nets are stable with greencrypt :download: I recommend him! adler,andrucha
  4. @steve787 i'm reputated with a great sepa filling service on known german fraud forums if you dont have enough money to buy osiris over escrow, hunt your 100 posts anywhere else to get something free here @opoboc my mans are busy i'm searching also for new webdev staff to create new german ATS injects cant recommend yuummba, he dont use otr and wont accept escrow rly strange person
  5. i bought the bot over escrow in the first of november 18 anubi is a great coder with a great experience and support to make things happen, sometimes he need a lot of time but he will never leave his customers the bot is very stable, execution rate is good for this known banker Find a good cryptsolution and sign the bot then you will have the best results. Webinjects, HVNC and some other special function works fine and as described. Dont blame him on his own salesthread, he is offering escrow.