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  1. With 100 ips? I dont know about 100 ips but if you want i can provide something similar. Free test and escro is welcome.
  2. You are rude, clown and useless on this board. Go away. :clapping:
  3. You might need an exploit, but i dont think so that somebody going to sell you. And if he do, its gonna cost you a lot money.
  4. Hey Ikea, i can read a lot of confusion in your questions, i will try to explain better: 1- 6k for zeus inject? NO Zeus is a standard language to create web-injections, is not Zeus injections (like you say 10 years old) but is Zeus Language like C so it means if you have a web-injection that works on other banking bot it will probably work on Osiris since they all use Zeus coding Language. 2-which hvnc you can get at 200-500$? this is a banking bot you are not paying only for the the hvnc but for all the features, and i would really like to see if you are able to get the hvnc and that price and with my same quality. 3- Tor is one of the main differences from all the banking bots in the market this is what makes our product special, and different since Tor make the bot 100% not traceable and bulletproof for free. 4-we don't feel attacked don't worry we are here to show our product.We sell quality if there is issues we solve them fast. Regarding your concerns yes we had discussions with moderators but all is solved now thanks! Yes, but i see no answers in my questions. you set a price i would like to know what you charging, About HVNC what do you mean quality? with 200$ hvnc i can login into session to do the same work like with any hvnc. faster or slower.
  5. Hello, i would like to ask what exactly do you charge 6k for? what is that cost 6k? zeus format inject witch is 10 years old? hvnc witch you can get for 200-500$? working through TOR going to cost me 6k? Please mention im not attacking im just need to know what im paying for.
  6. Релеи под спам

    Найди хост каторый предлагает сервис и всё :) самое главное чтобы небыло лимита:)
  7. если бы понимал бы -2 бы не постовил :)
  8. На здоровье вам кидайте минусы до -7 есть ещё
  9. Сижу пару дней особо не пишу на форуме просто читаю всякий бред каторый люди пишут,попал на пост где человек хотел нанять пен тестера за 5к, скинул ему мой линк намекнуть что за 5к он будет работать только с какими то призраками в его голове и не кто серьёзно не возьмётся. И тут смотрю какой то школьник каторый продаёт какие-то глвно логи азора в акционнах кликает мне -1! Смотрю на ето вообще ахринел иду смотрю на человека смотрю на посты сразу понимаю за компам сидит мальчишка, пишу в личку с вопросом почему так как нету кометарии, ответа нету, думаю ладно хер с ним на каждое говно нету времени. Сегодня поевился ещё один черт с фиолетовым цветом ставит мне -1 и ещё тот баран пишет на английском работа через гаранта а -1 за то что тему в посте рекламу типо сделал, смотрю тоже на ето сушествго тоже какой-то левый осёл каторый профессионал по флуду форума и качать права для которых существует support. Короче одним словом беспредел какой-то творится тут и особенно от людей каторые вообще не должны тут находится. Короче знаем все что нечего изменить не возможно но хотя знаете что есть двое чернажопых баранов каторые тыкают мне минусы
  10. You mr FAMZ are a fucking joke. Keep asleep, oversleep, forget popup credits for Internet, put alarm on time we agreed to be online but going toilet shit first :rofl: I was again whole night waiting TODAY, where the F where u? Clown. Sended you 200$ for shells but you a peanut head. (5:00:02 PM) famz@exploit.im: i was only 16 min too late, my alarm was on 7 (5:00:06 PM) famz@exploit.im: i stooed up went to toilet (5:00:07 PM) famz@exploit.im: came online (5:00:13 PM) famz@exploit.im: see ur mssgs and u were off (5:00:18 PM) famz@exploit.im: u missed it man (5:00:22 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: how u can be online at 7 (5:00:27 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: if u put alarm on 7 (5:00:38 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: i had alarm 6:30 (5:00:44 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: so i would be online at 7 (5:00:53 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: and i was (5:00:54 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: u werent (5:02:21 PM) famz@exploit.im: 7.16 i came online (5:02:23 PM) famz@exploit.im: read good what i say (5:02:26 PM) famz@exploit.im: mu alarm was on 7 (5:02:28 PM) famz@exploit.im: be time (5:02:36 PM) famz@exploit.im: i stood up went to toilet came online see ur message u were off (5:02:41 PM) famz@exploit.im: u only waited 15 min (5:02:47 PM) famz@exploit.im: u not serious man (5:03:00 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: looool (5:03:04 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: so because u were to late (5:03:06 PM) secureforsure@jabbim.ru: im not serious I need to admit, first time I overslept, but I was online 45 min later. For first time its shit but we are human. Second time he fucked up with popup credit, couldn't buy balance via BTC LOL, or any other method to get online. 3th time he let me wait whole night, we agreed 6 AM I waited till 8:30 AM. That's also reason I waited last time online 13 min, since I has could be hours later? Who knows? 4th time today we agreed 8 AM, its now 11:14 AM. Timewaster, Joker, Ripper, Golden Mountains actin Tuff big shot but: Wearing diapers. I agree
  11. VIP72 is useless. depend of what use you need it. You can try lux socks its similar to vip72 but as i told you its all depend of what kind of work you need them