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  1. We chat with SmokeLdr and fix problem.. He is good person just have some misunderstanding.
  2. lol :) this SmokeLdr what i guy huh? he is be acting like a SMOKE KING! what a selfish kid... humiliate another persons and always ignore them... Why you shouldn't buy Smoke Loader? - He is never replied your message in Jabber he is boss do not ask question to him because if he get mad he just block you!! - If you ask question you have to pay for it HE ONLY GIVE ANSWER TO 1 QUESTION u can ask to him only 1 thing that quest is him own BTC payment address. - If you dont know Russian (i have big respect Russian persons i wish learn russian but i dont have a chance for this) he have to right ignore you in Jabber even if you Russian person he can delete you without any reason dont worry he be acting same to he is main citizens. - You buy License from someone? Ohh damn! dont.. Because he is never give your Re-builded EXE files.. - Added Smoke Loader Jabber? And he delete you without reason? Yes he can do that sometimes beacuse he have big an inflated ego. NO ONE BETTER THIS GUY! - He coding Smoke Panel and everything English and selling him own software to usually English-Speaker persons but now he only support Russian Language dont ask why because HE IS KING OF THE HUMANITY! NOTE: I never did sale trash for no-one. I big respect to everyone in forum also i learn lot of much things here so i have big respect to all persons. If anybody think to buy this Botnet just think again! 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.... and more times then make your decide. I prefer BEWARE from this guy and him Botnet software Smoke Loader mean is REGRET!
  3. He is never answered questions.. IF your think buy from this guy something just be attention! He ignore questions on Jabber also everyone complaint this guy about.. Please attention guys DONT BUY!!!! ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY
  4. JABBER: goodguy2000@exploit.im I CAN PROOF WITH TEAMVIEWER ALL LOGS .
  5. Which is best Botnet? For Grabbing Data..

    I go to search forums about azor :) Thank you so much friend how i can give you reputation?
  6. Which is best Botnet? For Grabbing Data..

    Hello, First i am sorry for this noob question after read forums i am very confused i cant make a desicion. Which Botnet i have to choose for grabbing C.C data? (also autofilled form) (I looking for especially Windows based OS grabber not Android) Thanks a lot for helping.