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  1. Im looking for a business partner who has a good botnet in germany. Can offer long time partnership with big potencial for good money.
  2. Very friendly person with a lot of knowledge about Botnets. His Articles are really good, i enjoy to read it a lot. He is translating them into English as well, and i have to say, its almost perfect! Looking forward for more stuff from you! Thanks a lot!!
  3. I want to outsource a little bit, so im lookig for somebody who can assist me with webdesign a little bit. Mostly on Wordpress.
  4. Im looking for VOIP Accounts from Europe, especially Germany. With home or mobile Number. For price and so on contact me here or in jabber: despired-fired@exploit.im
  5. Im looking for VOIP-Accounts. I need to forward calls to that number and need to be able to answer them. thanks