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  1. Reach out to @500mhz he always has some juicy stuff and for LPEs for Linux chat with @cj69. Just make sure to use escrow when dealing and get someone who understand russian but offsite (not from forums) so he can help you with negotiations because language barrier may lead to misunderstandings and such and you may be cheated even via escrow (cuz devil is in details). Anyway, hope that helps. Cheers.
  2. not here to trashtalk or anything but really that doesnt make any sense to me, anubi himself is good guy and supports with installation and stuff, so idk why is that extra 500$ is for. simply u wont find buyer at such price.
  3. dedik.cc ПОЯСНЕ́НИЕ !!!

    I think it's not hard to guess by logs for admin/mod which accounts are being used for this cuz hell.. whole forum is crawled already and these accounts will be all over the logs.
  4. also we can see here the fact of "refuse to deal via guarantor (escrow)" how this person is even allowed to provide service with no deposit and who refuses escrow??
  5. moment 2.0 ? lol nothing personal, i dont even know you, but your offer looks very familiar he got banned and you come with identical offer (you also replied on his topic, to gain posts maybe idk) im sure new moderator will delete this message aswell :) but i dont care. but people should open their eyes. there are hungry-ass niggas among us on forums who'll do nefarious things to steal your logs/money/account etc. dont trust anyone. cheers :) For reference, moment am talking about: https://exploitinqx4sjro.onion/topic/160802/ who has ripped ppl for over 4k$
  6. Because that's how RUT handles notifications on new installation (endpoint activation).spy-NEW, your version also has hardcoded (predefined) password for connections?
  7. There are free services that do it https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/detect-website-change-notification and btw you're the one who supposed to write down estimated budget for your project. Cheers
  8. Decent service, most FF vendors in here are just a resellers of this awesome man and that's a fact. Way better service than others provide in here. Cheers mate.
  9. Bump. Big discount for the last copy at 50% ! 1K$ Ready to deal via escrow/guarantor.Большая скидка для последней копии на 50% ! 1K$ Готовы на сделку через гаранта. Jabber: roothox@jabb.im (verification via PM is mandatory)
  10. Hi, I'm selling Anubis 2.5 source code. It can be exactly what you looking for to replace SMS it supports webinjects:https://exploitinqx4sjro.onion/topic/159479
  11. https://twitter.com/byt3bl33d3r/status/1161533880534523906 -- It's also worth mentioning that using https://www.os-js.org for control panel is not really good idea from security/anonymity perspective of customers, loads of JS hosted on your server, which user has no way to check. No complains tho, I'm not your customer, it's just bad practice.